Third Tuesday Vancouver With Tris Hussey

Third Tuesday Vancouver

Tonight our friend and yours, Tris Hussey, will be speaking at Third Tuesday Vancouver.


Do you get the message?At any given moment we can use a myriad different ways to get a message out, but which ones work best and when? Also, have our expectations of communications kept up with our technologies?

Looks like a lot of people will be attending this event at Republic on Granville Street. Raul (aka Hummingbird604) will be live blogging the event.

I look forward to seeing everyone and meeting new people as Third Tuesday is famous for increasing your network of friends and fortifying old ones.

The Meetup of all Meetups Tonight!

Third Tuesday VancouverTonight is the Meetup of all Meetups at the Ceilis Irish Pub.

This meetup will combine the Third Tuesday Vancouver, Vancouver Sales Performance, Vancouver Bloggers, Vancouver Real Estate Technology, and Young Professionals Meetup groups for one BIG year end party.

It will be great to see all the usual gang and hopefully meet some new people in the process.  These Meetup groups have proven to be great success so if you are interested in coming by, please do, but you’ll have sign up to one of the groups as space is being filled up quickly (if not already filled).

Also please make sure you bring something for the Vancouver Food Bank.

There will be some great prizes given out (up to $500 worth) from some of the sponsors – Ceilies Irish Pub, Reachd, Ubertor, Blue Olive Photography, and

Third Tuesday Vancouver: David Jones – PR & Social Media

Last night at Third Tuesday (yes on a Monday), brought David Jones from Hill & Knowlton to present on PR’s take for using Social Media.

Uploaded - 16�9�8 David spoke how Public Relations professionals are starting to educate clients on the use of Social Media.  Most clients have the “shiny new toy” syndrome and want to dive into Social Media head first.  David discussed how he educates his clients by using the MAIL (Monitor your communities, Analyze your findings, Interact with your community, and Lead by starting your own content).

You can catch a great write up on Rebecca’s live blog post here.

It was easy to listen to David and I appreciated his time coming out and speaking to the Vancouver Third Tuesday bunch. He is a fountain of information and look forward to following him on Twitter and reading his blog.

Granted I don’t necessarily agree with his views on the Social Media Press Release, but hey I’m bias when it comes to this 🙂

Third Tuesday on a Wednesday

Last night was a fairly informal Third Tuesday, as it was held on a Wednesday night and we had no speaker, yet as always it managed to bring out a lot of people.  Since it was held at Steamworks in Gastown, we had a cap of 35 people.  I’m sure if we didn’t have a cap, more would have attended.

It was great to see the usual faces, Tanya, Monica, Colleen, Arieanna & Ianvi, Tris, John & his wife, David to name a few, a few faces were missing, Raul, Rebecca. I also got to meet some new people and chat with people face to face that I’ve only chatted with online.  I also got to meet Joesph Thornley who started Third Tuesday and was in town for the meet up.

I have to say the change of format was refreshing.  It allowed for more interaction and networking than the usual events.  Granted the set up of the tables prevented from seeing others in the group as I had my back to 2/3 of the group. All in all, hats off to Tanya on organizing a great event as usual.  I’m looking forward to more in the coming months and proud to be a part of such a great group of people!

Third Tuesday Vancouver – Darren Barefoot

I know this late, but hopefully not too late. 🙂

Again I had the pleasure of attending Third Tuesday Vancouver where Darren Barefoot spoke on how to target influential bloggers and went through a case study. I’m not going to bore you with the details, but if you would like to know more you can head over to Rebecca’s blog where she lived blogged the event or through Raul’s blog.

I’m always impressed how Darren is able to engage his audience when he speaks. Truly amazing.

It was great to see the usual people there, Rebecca, John, Raul, Tanya, Monica, Jenn and to meet new ones, Lucy, Phillip (I know I forgotten others so my apologies).

Liz did let me know that since this was my third, Third Tuesday, I’m actually a veteran. Hmmm I never thought I would be considered a “veteran”.

I do have to say thank you to Tanya and Monica for organizing the event and the Century House for hosting us.