Where Has Time Gone?

It’s hard to believe the summer is almost at an end. Where has time gone?

I’ve been so busy these past few months that I’ve had little time to post on here, let alone use Twitter or Facebook as I used to use them. I might not have been posting, but I have been listening in and reading to what my peeps have been up to. Yeah call me a stalker :).

I’ve spent most of the summer busy taking a couple of courses. Yup I was back at school, learning old and new things.

Since I’ve been away from the social media scene, due to a new career move, I thought I needed to get back into it and so I decided it was best to take a social media marketing course offered at UBC Robson. The course itself was strictly online, and though I’m used to taking courses in a class environment and wasn’t sure how it would work, the course proved to be interesting enough to keep my interest.

During the class we learned step by step how to create a marketing strategy for an organization. I took on the challenge of creating one for a restaurant, though they didn’t know I was doing it. I understood most of what was required, but it was nice to have the step by step process laid out and it made more sense at the end of the day. I’m proud to say that at the end of the course I got a 89%. It wasn’t the 95% I was hoping at the beginning as I didn’t do well on one assignment, but that is how we learn, and we move forward.

Sadly the next available course isn’t being offered until the fall. So I decided to take on another course I’ve always wanted to take – I took an Adobe Photoshop course also at UBC Robson. I felt I was losing some of my creative side. I felt I needed something to challenge me more and since I’ve always loved photography it was the perfect fit.

Now this course was offered in class and we got to work on Macs – Yippie!! I got to learn so much and had so much fun learning along the way. You can see some of projects below to see how I improved during the short 5 weeks.

Welcome to Gustavo

Mystic Elephant

And this was my final project. I’ve yet to get graded on it, but I’m happy with the results.


I had so much fun that I decided to take on the next Photoshop level and add Adobe Illustrator to the mix. So starting September 30th until November 30th, I’ll be a busy boy. I’ll be growing my creative side and who knows where this might lead!

I haven’t had the chance to travel as much I would have liked and work has been really busy lately. I’m hoping I’ll be able to change that soon.

So hopefully I won’t take this long to write my next blog 🙂

Last Days of Summer 2010

Fall is in the air

As the last day of August comes to an end, and the rain continues to fall in Vancouver, I begin to reflect on the last days of summer.

The leaves are slowly beginning to change with the days becoming shorter and shorter. There really isn’t that much time left to enjoy the sunshine. Normally we would be hoping for warmer weather during the last month of summer, but I think it will be very short this time around.

When I lived out in Toronto, August would always be the warmest of the summer months with the heat and humidity playing a big role. This summer here on the west coast has been fairly pleasant and I’ve enjoyed the weather we’ve had.

We have a road trip planned to visit our good friend Tanya and Barry this coming weekend in Calgary and this might be our only big trip of the summer. We are excited about this trip as it’s always great to get away on this trips while we still can.

Ahhh Rain

As I was walking Junior this afternoon along the seawall, I noticed how quiet the city became during this brief rain storm. It was a nice feeling, but at the same time it was sad as I knew that summer was coming to an end soon.

What do you have planned for the last few days of summer? Are you hoping for warmer weather or glad that it has become cooler out here in the west?

Keeping Your Dog Cool

With Vancouver breaking their record for the hottest day today and no end in sight for this “heat wave”, we all try to keep ourselves cool in many ways, but let’s not forget about our 4 legged friends.

Now smaller dogs have a easier time at cooling themselves off than bigger dogs do, as well as lighter haired dogs have it easier than darker dogs.

Junior himself has been suffering these past few days and here are a few tricks you can use to keep your best friend cool and refreshed (hell these are some great tips even for us).

1. Kiddie pools, swimming pools, or if you’re lucky, a lake: It doesn’t take much convincing to motivate a Newfoundland or Labrador to cool off with a refreshing swim. Other dogs may require more coaxing. Some dogs don’t know how to doggie paddle, so don’t force a dog to dive into deep water. Remember, for a toy dog, one-foot of water is getting deep. Also, be sure the pooch understands how to leave a pool; even Newfoundlands and Labradors can’t swim forever. There are instances of dogs drowning because they can’t figure out how to exit.

2. Sprinkler or Hose: Some dogs bark with joy as the kids chase them with a hose. Other dogs bark as a desperate plea to stay dry. Even for dogs who protest, there’s no denying a hose down is an instant cool off.

3. Cold water bag (filled with ice water) or ice pack. Gently rub on Fido’s tummy. This can be used indoors out outdoors.

4. If your dog must be out in the yard for any period of time, be sure there’s shade and plenty of water (remember some water will evaporate, leave several bowls).

5. Popsicles: Purchase the sugarless kind. If you’re serving indoors, make sure Fido doesn’t walk off to enjoy a blueberry treat on your white plush carpet. (Do not offer your dog chocolate Popsicles; chocolate is bad for dogs.)

6. Cluck-sicles: Make chicken boullion, and freeze in an ice cube tray. When the pooch is warm, offer a cluck-sicle.

7. If there’s no air conditioning, use a floor fan. Make sure curious puppy paws can’t squeeze through the grating.

8. Exercise your dog in the early mornings or when the sun goes down.

9.  Fill a plant mister with ice water and give your dog a shower to keep them cooled down.

10. There are now crate pads that actually keep cool on their own, available through catalogs and at pet stores.

I am glad that George Wainborn park has a fountain where a lot of Junior’s friends head to on this hot day to cool off.

You Don't Want to Drown Today


With the sunnier and warmer summer weather in full swing, more and more of us are heading to the beaches across British Columbia or heading towards the pool, but are you fully prepared not to drown? The Community Against Preventable Injuries (The Community) will be launching a campaign this week to raise awareness on the dangers of drowning.

The Community will be placing posters, signs and towels with thought provoking messages to bring awareness to this issue.

According to Vital Statistics, there are at least 75 to 80 deaths each year in BC due to drowning and water-transport related incidents and submersions. Drowning is the second  leading cause of death for children aged 1-4 years old. Most of the drowning deaths for all  other ages occur in natural water and involve water-related activities, e.g., swimming,  recreational boating, canoeing, fishing, water-skiing, etc.

So what can cause drownings?

  • Half of the children who drown are alone and unsupervised
  • Alcohol was associated with 40% of drowning among Canadians aged 15 years and older
  • About 90% of people who drown while boating do not wear a life-jacket

This is easily preventable and The Community hopes to prevent more drownings throughout our province and city.  For more information, please visit them at preventable.ca

Happy Canada Day-eh!

Today is the day where we all celebrate being Canadian. We celebrate our wonderful country. We celebrate the diversity which makes up this country from coast to coast.

I myself am not a born Canadian. I immigrated here with my family when I was 5 years old and I have grown up experiencing all of the wonderful things this country offers. I’ll be fist to admit that I have not fully explored this country, especially the eastern coast, but what I have experienced has only enhanced the pride I have for being a Canadian.

I hope everyone will get out there and show their red and white colours proudly. Enjoy it with family and friends.

So to all Happy Canada Day-eh!