Are We Truly Transparent and Authentic on Social Media?

Weekend Sunshine In social media, we are always told to be transparent and authentic, but are we truly that? This question has been on my back of my mind for sometime now and I thought it was time to write down some of my thoughts on the matter.

Working for a company that deals with Public Relations, Investor Relations, communicators and marketers that work at some big brand named companies, I usually have to think twice about what I comment when it comes to their brands. Some of my clients follow me on Twitter, some are friends on Facebook, some even are on Google+. Do I post my dislike on social networks for a bad experience I’ve had without hurting my relationship with my client? Am I not being transparent or authentic if I say nothing online?

Also a last year I had to rush back to Toronto as my mother had suffered a stroke. I didn’t really say much publically about the matter and had fought long and hard to even write a blog post about it. Should I have kept it to myself and not said anything? Though some of my closest friends from online knew what was going on I struggled to get a post out, but I thought it would have been good for my own healing after that stressful time.

We’ve also heard about people being fired from their jobs for posting comments about their dislike about their job conditions or fellow co-workers. I for one keep those comments private and I don’t personally think they should every be shared publicaly. I also make it know who I work for and never hide that fact.

At the end of the day I think it’s important to know yourself and know how much you want to share publically. Once you established these boundaries for yourself I think you can truly say you are being transparent and authentic to the level you are most comfortable with online.

Do you think you are transparent and authentic? Do you think that there is a boundary as to how much you should actually make public?

Three Years on Twitter

Today is my 3rd anniversary of being on twitter.

I first started Tweeting on April 5, 2007 after attending a CPRS event where Darren Barefoot spoke about it.

Twitter has grown over those past 3 years. I remember seeing the community come together and really push Twitter’s boundaries. I remember the beginning of the @ replies, I remember the first use of  # hashtags, and I remember the wonderful fail whale. I saw the community unite strongly to common causes through Haiti relief, Twestival and many others. But last and not least I thank all the friends I have created from Twitter. You have been the warmest and accepting community out there!

Here’s to more happy years!

Twitter's New Enhanced Email Notifications


Our good friends over on Twitter last night changed the way you and I receive notifications when we have new followers or have a new direct message (DM).

This morning over on Twitter, people didn’t seem to be too pleased with the change. Granted I’m only seeing this coming from the Vancouver tweeps and not really anyone else. I for one actually like the new enhanced notification emails. The HTML emails include the person’s avatar photo, plus show you how many followers, how many they are following and how many tweets they have sent out. I like that everything is there for me to see if I should actually click the new follower and see their stream. I see it often that many will just try to follow as many people as they can and yet have nothing posted on their stream (this of course is a whole other story).

What surprised me was to see who many people are not liking it. We who use social media tools, and strive to get others to use them and taut the benefits, are always quick to jump in and complain when something is changed. We’ve seen this when Facebook changed their layout (I for one like the newer layout as well).

Social Media tools are so new still and they are always evolving and changing. If they don’t evolve, we will venture into something else that does. We should be encouraging change, and change that enhances the experience.

To Be a Magpie or Not To Be

Magpie_Bird Looking over Twitter today, a new player popped up on the search stream (Magpie).  What is Magpie you ask? Well Magpie uses your Twitter account to allow advertisers to send out tweets based on keyword searches you create when setting up your account with Magpie.  The advertiser then can send out their advertisement to all those who have signed up and match a specific keyword. As they state on their website “convert your tweets into bling-bling”

Now Twitter is there to engage your followers and not necessarily to advertise products from companies you might not care about or even know who they are.  Yes you can argue what is the difference between having Google Ads on your blog or ads on your RSS Feeds with Twitter advertising through Magpie?  Are you still in control as to which advertisement you can pick for Magpie? That doesn’t look like the case. I for one don’t even have Google Ads on my blog.

Some folks on Twitter have stated that if they get a Magpie related tweet from someone, they will automatically unfollow them. I’m inclined to have to agree with them. I don’t wish to have 1 Magpie tweet for every 5 of my tweets out there.  Yes Magpie says I could make a hefty amount (almost 870 Euro a month), but I think that will quickly drop as some of my followers would stop following me.

What are your views on the “new bird” in town?

Third Tuesday on a Wednesday

Last night was a fairly informal Third Tuesday, as it was held on a Wednesday night and we had no speaker, yet as always it managed to bring out a lot of people.  Since it was held at Steamworks in Gastown, we had a cap of 35 people.  I’m sure if we didn’t have a cap, more would have attended.

It was great to see the usual faces, Tanya, Monica, Colleen, Arieanna & Ianvi, Tris, John & his wife, David to name a few, a few faces were missing, Raul, Rebecca. I also got to meet some new people and chat with people face to face that I’ve only chatted with online.  I also got to meet Joesph Thornley who started Third Tuesday and was in town for the meet up.

I have to say the change of format was refreshing.  It allowed for more interaction and networking than the usual events.  Granted the set up of the tables prevented from seeing others in the group as I had my back to 2/3 of the group. All in all, hats off to Tanya on organizing a great event as usual.  I’m looking forward to more in the coming months and proud to be a part of such a great group of people!