Vancouver Snow Day

We don’t get many snow days in Vancouver, but when we do the city explodes with photos of the wonderful white stuff.

This morning while walking Junior at the park, I took the following photo before all the snow was washed away in the later rain that is expected.

Vancouver Snow Day

So if you can, get out there and take your photos now before the regular Vancouver rain starts and washes all the loveliness away. And by all means, take it easy out there as the sidewalks and roads are slippery.


Vancouver Snow Day

Snow Day in Vancouver

There is always something wonderful about waking up to a city that has just had a few centimeters of fresh snow. Fresh snow always seems to make people happier and the city always looks amazing.

Snow Day in VancouverWe here in Vancouver don’t get many of those days as the rest of Canada. For us, we have to usually travel up to the mountains if we want to get our taste of the “white stuff”. So when it snows in the city, people genuinely seem to be in better spirits. People seem to be friendlier and for me, the city starts to feel like a small town. I’m not sure if it is due to all of us, for this brief moment in time, share something in common. Granted I’m not so sure how the drivers are feeling right about now :).

It’s always fun seeing all the snowmen, and women, that start to appear throughout the city

Junior just loves to play in the snow. He would rather be out there hearing the crunching of the snow on my feet and waiting for me to toss a snowball than actually doing his “business”.

Sadly I know the snow will soon turn in to slush, but as long as it’s out there I’ll try to at least enjoy it.

First Day Of Winter

IMG_0279 Well the first official day of winter has come and gone and as you can see, here in Vancouver, we got our share of winter.

I don’t recall ever seeing this much snow in Vancouver in my 7 years that I have been living here. I only recall days like these from back east.

The problem I find in this city when it snows, is that the city doesn’t shovel the sidewalks of common streets, Translink doesn’t seem to shovel the snow off their bus stops (you’d think they would care about their riders), and the roads are not really cleared off very well, even with the 2 plows the city owns 🙂

All in all, I’m loving this snow. Junior as well is enjoying the snow and playing in it. He loves it when I toss a snow ball and quickly jumps up and down chasing it.

There is just something wonderful about a fresh snow fall, and if the weather report is correct, we should have another fresh snow dumping tonight!

Snow Days

So what do Vancouverites do best, well they talk about the weather, either it be too much rain, too much sun, or like to day, too much snow. We are again having a great dumping of snow (by Vancouver standards of course), and it’s pretty much great to see and get one into the Christmas Spirit.This is Junior’s first snow and he has been enjoying it so much. He loves to run in it, eat it, and of course write his name in the snow :). I shot the following video today via my cellphone’s camera, so the quality sucks but you get the idea.Here’s hoping all the Vancouverites are out and enjoying the snow, because as we all know here, the rain is only a day away and the snow will be gone!Happy Snow Day everyone!

Yup, that be snow!

I have been in Vancouver for just over 5 years now and this has to be the second time since that move that it has snowed this much in Vancouver.

Now I just love the first snowfall of the season. It always seems to give a fresh look to the city and helps you get into the Christmas Spirit. As well the snow always has certain glow in the evenings, almost hypnotic.

This definately brings me back to the days of living in Woodbridge, ON and having to shovel this stuff. I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that here :). Granted the only thing I must deal with when I am here is icy sidewalks and drivers that don’t know how to drive in this weather. But all in all this is definately a nice and welcome change from the usual rain.