2 Days in Seattle

This weekend I was invited, thanks to a Klout Perk, to spend 2 days in Seattle. During these 2 days, we are invited to visit the city and explore hidden gems and hopefully tweet about it while we are down there with the hashtag #2DaysInSeattle.

I haven’t been to Seattle in about 3 years. Yeah I know it’s very close for us here in Vancouver and I am looking forward to exploring the city a little bit more. How much can I do in 2 days? I’m not 100% sure. If you had just 2 days in Seattle what would you do? What restaurants should I try? What local hot spots is a must see?

I’ll admit I will be going up the Space Needle this time around as I’ve never done that before. I have done the underground city tour before as well and of course I will be revisiting Pike’s Place Market. I’m also thinking of taking either a dinner boat cruise or just a regular boat cruise.

I’ve very excited about the opportunity and hopefully everyone will enjoy my tweets (internet hotspots permitting) as well as a post, or two afterwards.

Seattle Weekend Review

This past weekend Russ and I took off to Seattle for the weekend as my promised Birthday Weekend.

We decided this time around to try out the Peace Arch Crossing as the time wait when we got there said only 30 minutes. To our surprise it actually was about 30 minutes.

As we got into the lovely U-S of A, we were hit with strange weather conditions. From rain, sleet, to a freakish snow storm just south of Bellingham. The weather did improve afterwards for just a few short minutes when we encountered the lovely weather all over again near Marysville. On arrival to Seattle it was nice to see the weather only partly cloudy.

Russ had booked us at the Empire Pacific Hotel, which is an old hotel that has been recently renovated. Alas the view of back lane was something that wasn’t desirable, we couldn’t beat the price.

We unpacked and quickly headed out on the town to do some shopping heading to my favourite store Macy’s. I just love that place, but I was good and didn’t buy anything. We headed to Pike’s Market and I marvelled at the flower shops and the price they were charging for the bouquets. I couldn’t believe that $10 got you a full bouquet that the Vancouver Flourist would charge over $30 for.

We decided to try to find a place that would make a great Bellini (as I’m always on the hunt for one). We stopped into Tulio’s Restaurante and asked the bartender Greg if he made Bellini’s. We were both surprised that he said he makes his version but nothing like Cactus Club’s version. To our surprise his version was very tastey indeed.

As we got to talking with him, we found out he’s wife is from Canada and he had worked in Vancouver for a few years. We were both shocked when he ordered some Scallops from the menu for us as a treat for it being my “birthday weekend”.

We decided that we would come back later for a great dinner and we were not disappointed. Tulio’s makes awesome food and you can see some of my Flickr photos on the wonderful food.  My only beef with Tulio is your website, I don’t know why you have to make people download your menu, they should just be able to click and see it.

After dinner we headed down the street to Vessel.  Vessel makes awesome cocktails, though very pricy.  I think the funkiest part of the bar is you can sit at the window and almost become the front window display.  You can view some of the my Flickr photos.

The next day found us having breakfast and heading down to Pike’s Market again.  They were having a BBQ competition, but alas we were not able to taste any, as the participants were forbidden by the city of Seattle to sell their work.

I had a fantastic time and I thank Russ for making it all possible.

Thanks for the great birthday weekend Russ.

Seattle Bound

Finally as promised, Russ is taking me to Seattle for my long awaited birthday weekend.

Now I understand why we couldn’t do it sooner and it would be great for both of us just to get away from the city and enjoy another city. Granted most people would just go away somewhere more secluded to relax, but I think the drive down will be therapeutic for the both of us.

Lolo has agreed to look after Junior and Cyd, which is another reason we are able to take off for a couple of days. Thanks Lolo.

I’ll try to take in some different Seattle sites and report back here with some updates and photos.

I might just “un-plug” from the net this weekend, though I’m also expecting a client to call me over the weekend, even though I have given a colleague’s contact instead. Time will tell.