The Revival of the 3D Movie

This past weekend, Russ and I went to see “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”.  This movie was presented in RealD 3D.  Now the theatre handed out 3D glasses, but these were not the typical blue and red 3D glasses, but polarized glasses that almost look like sunglasses.

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The movie itself wasn’t the greatest, but watching the movie in 3D was a great experience.

I have experienced 3D movies through IMAX 3D before and that was amazing, but to see a 3D movie that is over 1 1/2 hours long and at the movie theatre is a different experience.

With the ability to download movies and people having home theatre systems with 50 inch plus flat screen monitors, the movie experience needed to change and  I believe this will help bring back people to the movie theatres.

Based on the RealD’s website:

RealD 3D is the global leader in 3D. We bring you the world’s leading 3D movie experience- RealD Cinema- and provide revolutionary new ways of seeing entertainment. RealD brings the third dimension to life and creates stunning 3D that is as real as the world around us and as mind-blowing as the imaginations of today’s greatest filmmakers.

This is not the 3D of years or decades ago, but a next-generation digital technology – bright, clear images which immerse the viewer in a realistic and powerful experience. In a RealD 3D theater you are seeing unparalleled visuals based upon 3D science used by NASA and others.

Because RealD 3D is digital 3D, it is easy on the eyes and every seat in the house is a great seat. Images not only come straight at you – the depth and clarity of the RealD experience pulls you into the movie.

With RealD 3D, you truly enter a new dimension.

How RealD 3D Works
How RealD 3D Works

Some movies that have used the RealD technology in the past have been:

  1. Chicken Little
  2. Monster House
  3. Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas
  4. Beowulf
  5. Hanna Montana
  6. and U2 in 3D

Just recently Cineplex Theatres has signed an agreement with RealD to have more theatres (175 of them) installed with the technology.  This will help with some up coming movies, especially the James Cameron – Avatar scheduled to be released in December 2009.