Happy Birthday Raul (aka Hummingbird604)

photo by Raul Pacheco
*photo by Raul Pacheco

Today is a special day. Today is a good friend of mine’s birthday. Here in the Vancouver Social Media / Tech community we know him as @Hummingbird604 aka Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega! (yeah I threw in the “Dr.” for good measure).

I’ve known Raul for over 2 years and our friendship has grown so much since then. Raul gives his all, he puts so much into his environmental issues, his writing, his social media skill and his friendships. Raul is the type of person that you can depend on when you need him. He will drop everything to help and support his friends. That shows a lot of character and I truly admire him. He might overdue it and exhaust himself from time to time, but it shows he truly has a big heart.

He’s also been helping Russ (and myself for the matter) practice his Spanish skills.

On this special birthday I’m sure we’ll hang out later for drink at Score, since he organized his own RaulCamp :).

Once again my friend – Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Raul

Photo Credit Raul

I just wanted to wish a good friend of mine a Happy Birthday!

I have gotten to know Raul over the past year and he truly is an amazing guy with a passion for environmental issues as well as a passion for all things social media. Check out his blog and wish him a Happy Birthday!

Raul have an awesome day today and we’ll see you on Sunday for Brunch!!!

Photo Credit Raul