Please Excuse The Mess

Please excuse the mess around here.

You see I’ve transferred my hosting provider and it seems like my transfer didn’t work as seamlessly as I would have liked. But hey that’s what makes it fun, huh?

I’ll be updating slowly so things will change along the way and hopefully I should have things back to normal soon enough.

And for those that have noticed, yeah it has been a few months since I’ve posted anything. I’m hoping to change that too.

Thanks for sticking around!


New Year, New Changes

Photo Walk  11 When I began the new year, I had a different plan in mind for making it a year of change and growth. With the elimination of my position at work, which I was very proud of doing and had so many great things in mind to make it awesome, I’m now stuck wondering what I’m gonna be doing for the rest of the year.

Well now that things have started to settle and I’m coming to terms with it, I’m starting right here with a refresh, of sorts, of my blog.

I’ve began with changing the theme and changing the cover images you see when you come onto the blog. I’ve also started to add a menu system where you can find specific posts easier and where I can highlight posts I’m proud of.

This is still the early stages of the refresh, but I hope you are enjoying what I’ve done so far and keep coming back as I make small tweaks here and there. I’m not going to have a big launch party like my friend Marc Smith is having for 30 Day Adventures next week, but seeing him refresh his site has given me some ideas of my own.

So 2013 is looking great so far. I’m happy right now and will continue to be happier as the days continue. In the interim, if you know of anyone that is looking for a social media savvy guy that can help with digital strategies, let me know! I’d love to work with you and with your clients to make them the best they can be!

Feeling Helpless

There are times in life when things happen unexpectedly, life throws you some curve balls, and it is during those hard times that we really start to feel helpless.

Yesterday I had to take someone to the hospital and had to watch as they suffered through their pain. I couldn’t do anything but just watch. I can’t even imagine the pain they were going through. I pretty much had to just throw all my trust to the doctors and our medical system to make sure that they were giving him the best care possible. I felt totally helpless. Nothing that I knew could help.

When I got home last night I was totally numb. I couldn’t think properly, I couldn’t eat anything. It was like I was living in slow motion and watching someone else’s life play out in front of me. I don’t think I have ever experienced this amount of stress in my life.

To add to the stress, today I can’t seem to find my wallet. My life is in that wallet. I’ve looked everywhere in my home and nothing. I think it must have been lost from the time I last used it to this morning. It could have been lost in the park when I was walking Junior. I don’t recall anything falling out of my jacket last night and this has me worried. I have no clue where to begin to get the items replaced.

These past 24 hours have been a complete haze for me, and I don’t know if it will improve today as I still haven’t gotten full word on my friend’s condition, except to say that the surgery went well. I haven’t been allowed to visit him yet as he hasn’t woken up yet.

I just thank the stars I have such a great support group through my family, friends and colleagues.

I will get past this I know and I will be a much stronger person because of it, but in the interim I can’t help but still feel a little helpless.

Getting Better

These past couple of weeks have been very hard for me.  While trying to celebrate my birthday, friends family members weren’t doing so well.  Without getting into details about what was going on, let’s just say things are getting better.

I hope to start to blog abit more in the coming days and get back to a normal routine.

New Eyewear

So yesterday I picked up my new pair of glasses which are alittle different from what I am used to.  These are thicker framed and definitely make a statement.

The glasses are from FYSH which their website describes them as

“an edgy new brand of unique eyewear for people who live, love and lounge in their own way. Inspired by the beauty and freedom of the sea, FYSH is a symbol of the true origins of human style”

You decided and let me know

I know it will take sometime to get used to, but I think they look great.