Farwell 2008

As the last few hours tick away at 2008 I begin to reflect back at what a great year it has truly been for me.

This past year has seen many changes on this blog alone.

  1. I moved over from Blogger to WordPress.com
  2. I bought my own domain name – Gusdigital.com
  3. I moved from WordPress.com to WordPress.org (yeah I should have checked that out first before)
  4. I became self hosted
  5. I’ve seen my readership grow (thank you all)
  6. I received a few great products to review and I thank you all for sending me such great items.

I’ve also dove deeper into the Social Media scene here in Vancouver and have forged some great friendships from them – Tanya, Raul, Colleen, Monica to name a few.

I have continued to grow at work and I have been able to share my insight into Social Media with my colleagues and have brought a few of them over onto Twitter – Dory, Debra, John, Judy, Dave. I’ve also started to consult a few clients as well as industry organizations on developing a social media plan for their up coming events.

I have continued my travels and this year had made it to Scottsdale Arizonia (for sales training), Puerto Vallarta (usual trip), Seattle, and for the first time ever I have gone to Las Vegas. I’ve also went back home this summer and spent some great times with my family whom I dearly miss.

I went from Telus to Rogers to Fido all in one short year all in the hopes of getting the most sought out after iPhone. Yes I went through hell with Rogers on this one, but in the end I have the iPhone! – YEAH!

I also got to see Madonna live in concert in Vancouver this past year and I was so happy to have gotten myself floor seats to the event. Granted I had no one go with me “officially”, but I did have a great time at the concert!

As you can see my year was full and I’m glad I was able to spend it with everyone I did and I’m looking forward to what 2009 will hold!

Happy New Years Eve everyone!

Christmas and New Years Round Up

Sorry I haven’t updated this in sometime.

Christmas Eve Russ and I spent the evening with Andrea and Alix at their place to have a great dinner. Alix has always been a fantastic cook and her sweet corn pudding was delicious! MMM mmm MMM.

After dinner, Andrea turned on her Wii and we all worked off some much needed calories. .This was my first time playing Wii and I have to say it was fun, graphics are “cute” and “cartoonish” but I guess that is what makes it fun.

Christmas morning I opened up my presents to some great stuff Russ had gotten me, shirt, tie, cuff-links as well as some cologne I’ve been wanting.

We got dressed and headed up to Theresa’s for Christmas morning breakfast. Theresa is another amazing cook and she made some great fruit salad, homemade cinnamon buns and some hot coco with Baileys. MMM.

Later on we had Russ’ mother over for our traditional turkey dinner and had a great time.

My sister, mother, and niece Samantha flew in from Toronto over the weekend and we spent time shopping, and baking my pan dulce again, which I have to admit I’m getting better at. ?

New Years Eve was spent at Andrea and Alix’s again with Theresa, Mike and another couple who I hate to say I’ve forgotten their names. We played Wii again and had fun playing golf, tennis, and bowling. Great fun.

New Years day was a day of shopping and finally relaxing.

This holiday has been fantastic, with spending time with friends and family.

Thanks to everyone who has made this past year so wonderful and special, and thanks to all who have been apart of my life for many many years!!!

Happy 2007!!

Well it is finally 2007!

Had a fantastic time entering the New Year. Russ and myself went out with a bunch of friends to the River Rock Casino to catch a dinner and show. The show was with Bjorn Again who are an Abba tribute band. These guys were awesome and had everyone on their feet dancing the night away! Such fun. It was also nice to see a HUGE mirror disco ball hanging from the ceiling. This disco ball must have been over 20 feet in diameter. Truly stunning. I’ll try to post some pictures up soon.

The rest of our New Years was fairly low key as all I wanted to do was rest and relax.

To everyone, wishing you the best in 2007!!!