Happy Mother's Day Mom!

When I was Young - Mom and me Today is a bitter sweet day for me. Even though my mother is still with us, she still isn’t all with us. After her stroke we lost a bit of my mother and that part of her is never coming back. She was a strong woman and mother! Some would call her supermom! She worked 2 jobs, fed us dinner everyday, and kept our huge home cleaned, and loved us like no other mom could.

Though I wish I could call her or better yet be there to give her a hug and a kiss, I don’t think she would understand that today is her day!

At any rate, I’m going to celebrate her, celebrate the mother I know and remember. I’m proud to be called her son. She has taught me so much and has taught me the meaning of love.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

When I Was Young 16

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Happy Mother's Day to my Sisters


As we celebrate our mother’s today, we shouldn’t forget all mom’s in all forms.

Both of my sisters are mothers. They have brought up 5 kids between the two of them and they all have grown and growing into wonderful people that I’m so proud of. My sisters are so patient and have been so calm during the tough times and have had so many wonderful times with the kids.

So to you Gladys and Maria, I’m wishing you both a wonderful Mother’s Day. May you both have an amazing day – you both deserve it!!!

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Today we celebrate moms and all the wonderful things they do.

As you all might know, my mother suffered a stroke in November that has left her speechless and pretty much immobile. Granted these are pretty much her choices as she has refused therapy, and I doubt she would recognize that today is Mother’s Day.

All this is bitter sweet as we celebrate the fact that she is still with us, but at the same time she’s not the same person she was. As such I turn to reflecting on the great things about her and what made her such a great mom in my eyes.

My mom loved us all her kids unconditionally. We may have fought with each other from time to time, we might have hated her that slipper when we younger, we might have hated the “rules of the house”, we did, and still do, love her. She was there when we needed her most, during those bad times; the scrapped knees, the nasty colds, the terrible two’s; and during the great times; our birthdays, our graduations, the birth of her grand kids. She truly was wonderful in all she did.

To this mom I’m so grateful to have you as mother. Your love has made me into the man I am.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother's Day

Mom, Gladys, Maria, Gus
Mother and Sisters

Another year passes and another year to celebrate mothers.

My mom has been a rock! She’s been there with me through all the crappy stuff, she’s changed my dirty diapers when I was young, feed me, took care of my scraped knees, nursed my cold, dressed me, and showed me that true respect and kindness are what makes you who you are. My mom sacrificed a lot for my sisters and I. She did this so we could have food on the table and have a wonderful home. Though we might not have always agreed, we always loved each other unconditionally.

I’m not 100% sure where my mother is this today. I’m not sure if she is still in Argentina somewhere enjoying the sunshine and family, or back home in Toronto getting ready for the warmer weather to begin. Either way I intend to at least make some contact with her.

Both my sisters are also mothers and this day is also a celebration of all the great work they have done for their kids.

I don’t know what it is, but mothers are always willing to sacrifice for their children to make sure they have a wonderful and successful life.

So on this day (and should be every other day as well), we celebrate that wonderful thing that is motherhood.

I love my mom very much and I love my sisters for doing what they do! You are all inspiring! Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day

Today is a special day we all hold dear to our hearts. Today is Mother’s Day, the day we celebrate mothers.


Even though I’m miles away from my mother, I wanted to send out a special message to her. She has been there when I’ve scrapped my knee, cut my finger, had a bump on my head, had an upset stomach, nursed my colds, cooked me lunch and dinner, bought me clothes, kissed my head, and spanked my behind. My mother has always been there loving me every step of the way. I know I wasn’t always the most ideal son, but I’ve learned so much from you. You’ve taught me right from wrong, taught me to be responsible, taught me respect.

On this day mom, I wish you all the love!!

To my two sisters, what can one say on Mother’s Day. You have both become great moms. You have shown sacrifice and in the face of it all always made time for your children. They are all truly blessed to call you mom.

For those who’s mothers are no longer around, your mothers will always be apart of you, they are who made you the person you are now. We will never forget them and I thank them for touching our lives!