Sad – I'm older than the Internet

Today I found out by reading Mashable and CNN’s tech page that the internet just turned 40 years old today. Yup I’m older than the internet by 8.5 months folks!

40 years ago, a message was sent between two computers and thus began the great world of the world wide web. It’s hard to phantom that I have been apart of the internet generation for that long. I’ve seen the internet blossom to what it is today. I’ve seen computers grow in power, I’ve seen internet speed connections grown, I’ve seen internet content grow where now I couldn’t imagine not having it.

It’s amazing how quickly technology has grown during that time and I can only imagine how much it will grow in the next 40 years.

As Kimli on Twitter told me today, I don’t look a day over world wide web.

Happy Birthday Internet! Welcome to the 40 crowd!

Goodbye Telus and Shaw

Tomorrow I’ll be saying goodbye to two big companies here in the west coast. I’ll be getting rid of my cable provider Shaw, and my internet and home phone provider Telus.

Why you ask? Simple, I need to save money. Our combined monthly bills for phone, cable and internet are close to $180.  Add my individual cellphone bill and you get the picture.  I don’t see why we should continue to have a home phone line when Russ and I both have cell phones.  I think the only reason we had it was we were afraid that we needed the phone to work with our condo’s intercom service, but this is not the case.

I’m also not saying we won’t have cable or internet, I’m just moving over the business to Novus. Our monthly estimated bill with Novus for both internet and cable will be about $100/month.  That is an $80 saving!  You can’t beat that.

This couldn’t come at a better time as we really have been without internet service for a week now.  Our Telus wireless router has been on the fritz and Telus was suppose to send us a replacement, but that has been over a week now.

I’m looking forward to Novus as people I know have nothing but good things to say.  The tech guy will be stopping by the condo tomorrow and hooking us up.  I hope everything will go smoothly during that time, as usually they never do 🙂

I LOVE Wireless Internet

Here I am sitting at a coffee house, drinking an ice tea, enjoying the sun and typing away on a computer and surfing the web. WOW!

Now you might be asking yourself…Gus why are you surfing the net on a nice day? Well our office’s firewall died today, and because of this we can’t access anything at work. So instead of being useless at work, I’m being more useful at home, where I can log in to my work email and make sure that all things are running smoothly.

AHHH technology!!!