Happy Birthday to … well ME!

IMG_3030 Yes today is my birthday, 42nd to be exact. Yeah I have no problem telling people how old I am. I still strongly believe it’s how old you feel that is important and I’m enjoying the way I’m feeling lately.

My mom, who suffered a stroke back in November and who we thought we were loosing a few weeks back, is doing better and is stable. If it wasn’t for her, or my father mind you, I wouldn’t be here. It is the way they both brought me up that made me the man I am today. It’s their love, support, and teaching that I am truly thankful for. Being apart from them today and this year will be harder for me.

I don’t have any big plans today. I haven’t had a huge birthday party for many, many, many – did I say many – years. I think the last big birthday party I can remember was when I turned 11 years old and had friends over. I especially invited a guy named Grant over because at all the other parties I would go to, he would always give the birthday boy an awesome Star Wars toy, and by awesome I mean one of the Star Wars ships. Being the Star Wars fan that I was, I wanted a Star Wars ship. Alas it didn’t work out as I planned, but he did give me a couple of cool Star Wars action figures.

So today it will probably just be Russ, Junior and Cyd celebrating my birthday and I’m looking forward to Russ making me some cupcakes. He’s not a big cupcake baker, so this will be a challenge for him, but I’m looking forward to the results.

So here is to 42, granted if Russ had his way he would say I’m actually in my 43rd year, may it bring me great joy and happiness, may it bring me new challenges and excitement, for it is with my loved ones and friends that truly make birthdays special!


9 Years and Counting in Vancouver

More Granville Street Bridge

WOW, it’s hard to believe that 9 years ago today I packed up my bags in Toronto and boarded a plane to Vancouver to begin my new life. Boy 9 years can sneak up on a guy without warning and BAM there it is.

It’s been an amazing journey that I wouldn’t change for anything. I’ve created a great home here with Russ. We have 2 amazing pets, Syd and Junior. I have made so many great friends that have helped me grow both professionally in work and through my volunteering, personally by growing deeper into my photography, as well as my writing through my blog. I have truly grown up in the past 9 years!

What am I going to be doing on my 9th year anniversary? Not sure exactly, but what ever it is will be spent with great people who have meant so much to me.

Thank you all for these past 9 years!

Thanks everyone for making my 9 years in Vancouver so memorable.

My Fourth Year Blogiversary

With everything that has been going on with my professional life lately, I forgot to write up a post on my fourth year blogiversary. Yes that is right folks, I’ve been blogging now for four years.

I have to thank Rebecca Bollwitt (aka Miss 604) for getting me started on blogging. She showed me how it easy it was to get started and showed me how to find my own voice online, and for that Rebecca, I thank you!

At first I wasn’t sure what to call myself. I knew my blog would just be for a select few people, but mainly it was for my family. I wanted to share what was going on in my life and show them what I was up to. Moving from Toronto to Vancouver, they had no real idea what I was doing. This was to be my digital realm, my digital voice.

These past four years I have met some great people from the blogger community, from Raul Pacheco, to Tanya Desrosiers, to Monica Hamburg, to John Bielher, to Tris Hussey, to Tyler Ingram and many more (see my blog roll on the side of this page). You have all been so influential to me and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I can’t wait to continue to grow my audience and continue to grow as a blogger. These past four years have been amazing and I wouldn’t change my experience on here for anything! You’ve all experienced my trips across the world, my family gatherings, my events I’ve attended, and my photos along the way.

So what was my first blog post? Well here it is folks, my very first blog post – The Beginning

Welcome to GusFosarolli.com

After almost 4 years of GusDigital.com, I thought it was a time for a change, I thought it was a time to just drop the digital, and just add my last name to it. At first I thought it would be hard for people to spell my last name and not find me, but then I began to think that this would be a great way to for people to learn how to spell it, and for me to brand myself.

I’m still not sure on the direction of the blog. I’m not sure if it will change moving forward, but I hope everyone likes the new redesign and likes the new domain name.

So please make sure you change my domain name if you have me on your blog roll. Also please make sure you update your RSS Feed with the new domain as well.

I’ll probably still be tweaking a few things here and there. Please let me know what you think!

Changes are Coming

So I’ve been fairly quiet this past month as you can see with the little to no blog posts this month.

For those that know me personally I’ve been very busy these past few weeks with attending conference after conference after event etc. Some of these conferences took me to Toronto, where I got to visit with my family for a bit, and others took me to Regina. All in all they have been great fun, but a lot of work too.

I’m planning on taking 2 weeks holiday starting this weekend, and I’ll be heading back home to Toronto to be able to spend more time with them. This is not to say that my blog will left alone – no far from it. I’m planning on launching a new blog in the next couple of weeks. I’m taking Gus Digital to a new realm. Hopefully you will all like the change and I think the change will be worth it. I’m currently tweaking a few things and hopefully will take it live during my stay in Toronto.

I’ve sent a few of my friends already a link to the new blog, and hopefully they will let me know how they like it, or hate it. I value my friends opinions and hopefully you will like the new look and name, yes I did say name, of my blog moving forward.

Stay tuned!

Another Birthday Passes

Birthday Cake - chocolate mousse cake Today I’ve turned 41 and what an AWESOME birthday it has been!

Both of my sisters (Maria and Gladys) with my niece Amanda flew in from Toronto to spend this birthday weekend with me!  It has been 8 years since all of us siblings have been together for a birthday – 8 years! My sister Maria and my niece have never visited Vancouver before and this was their first real experience of the city. Vancouver you have not disappointed with your beauty and you have captivated them.

We started the day taking my sisters on a tour of Stanley Park, showing the city’s beauty, and then walking along Robson Street which they all heard about during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. As typical tourists we stopped by many of the landmarks made famous from the Games. Alas I didn’t have my camera with me, but did take some with my sister’s camera. I’ll have to upload them another day.

The evening was spent at one of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver – Poncho’s. As usual, they did not disappoint. They even through in a great dessert and sang to me as it was my birthday!

Birthday dinner at Ponchos. Yummy!

The only thing missing was having friends share this magical moment with me as well. I know everyone has been busy and other parties where planned, but I hope I’ll be able to see them in the next weeks to help celebrate.

I go to bed with great memories of a wonderful day!

Thanks everyone who sent me messages on Facebook and Twitter; they have meant a lot to me!

Hello Big 4-0!


Today is my 40th Birthday!

Yes I know it is hard to believe, but 40 years ago today I was popped out of my mother’s womb and began my life as a breathing human being!

I myself find it hard that I just turned 40. I don’t feel it in the least. I feel like I’m still in my 30’s and I’m enjoying what life has thrown at me over the years.

There has been some great moments in my life that I do remember.

  • I remember my father teaching me to ride a bicycle.
  • I remember when I turned 5 years old and eating so much cake that I ended up in the hospital and for many years afterwards I never had any birthday cake, whether they be my own or at friends parties.
  • I remember that when I turned 9 years old, was the last time I really the last time my parents gave me a party with friends. I recall inviting some people specifically to that party as I knew they would give some cool gifts, especially Grant who gave me some cool Star Wars toys (selfish I know).
  • I recall becoming an Uncle for the very first time with the birth of my niece Amanda. This was followed by the birth of Adrian, Samantha, Justin and Stephen in later years (love you all VERY much)
  • I recall the day we got our first dog Kelly in Canada (alas she was lost a few months afterwards) only to get Princess who lived for 12 years with us.
  • I recall my first ski lesson in Ontario (hell I haven’t really skied since).
  • I recall grade 7 and attending my first after school dance and kissing Betty.
  • I recall attending High School in the 80’s and having my wonderful mullet haircut (glad I don’t have any photos to prove that one).
  • I recall our move to Woodbridge Ontario from Mississauga Ontario.
  • I recall learning to drive standard and then getting my drivers licence.
  • I recall attending MacMaster University and attending the awesome Quad-Parties and getting so drunk that I had a hang-over for a week.
  • I recall driving home every weekend from Hamilton to Woodbridge with Joanna Romano and playing our mix tape and singing our lungs out
  • I recall purchasing my very first car a 1987 Nissan 200 SX
  • I recall my Faema Cafe days (you guys made me grow more than you can ever imagine)
  • I recall packing up my things from Woodbridge and moving to Vancouver and moving in with Russ
  • I recall purchasing my first condo and freaking out that I wouldn’t be able to manage it
  • I recall visiting Paris for the very first time
  • I recall getting very close to a pod of humpback whales in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
  • I recall getting Junior 2 years ago
  • I recall travelling through the Rocky Mountains and climbing on a glacier
  • I Recall going back to Argentina and seeing my family that I haven’t seen in over 20 years.
  • I recall meeting all my good friends in this city.

So what are the plans for today? Not sure. I think Russ will be taking me out to dinner and if anyone else wants to tag along I hope you can. I know we had initially planned to have a party on the weekend, but with lots of my friends attending the Opera for Blogger’s Night (which I wasn’t invited, but its ok, really it is..sniff, sniff), or busy with other plans, or not even in the city, we decided to postpone it. Granted I probably will be celebrating for the full year so you can all make it up to me 🙂

Thank you all for making my 40 years so memorable. I hope to create some great new memories in the coming months and years.

UPDATE: Someone sent me this lovely video telling me that Disney is expecting me 🙂

Another person sent me this lovely song