Happy Mother's Day Mom!

When I was Young - Mom and me Today is a bitter sweet day for me. Even though my mother is still with us, she still isn’t all with us. After her stroke we lost a bit of my mother and that part of her is never coming back. She was a strong woman and mother! Some would call her supermom! She worked 2 jobs, fed us dinner everyday, and kept our huge home cleaned, and loved us like no other mom could.

Though I wish I could call her or better yet be there to give her a hug and a kiss, I don’t think she would understand that today is her day!

At any rate, I’m going to celebrate her, celebrate the mother I know and remember. I’m proud to be called her son. She has taught me so much and has taught me the meaning of love.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

When I Was Young 16

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Happy Birthday Amanda

Another month and another family birthday. Today my eldest niece Amanda celebrates her birthday.

Ahhh how time passes quickly. I can’t believe I was so young when she was born. I recall kids at school making fun of me and calling me “Uncle Gus” making me feel so OLD. It was that feeling that I made sure she never called me “Uncle” and just used my first name. Granted now that I’m older I don’t mind being called that at all.

I could go on and on and tell you some stories about her, but I think that would just embarrass her and I don’t want to do that to her. 🙂

Amanda has grown up to be a wonderful person both inside and out. So Amanda, I hope you have an amazing birthday today. I’m glad we got to spend some time together last weekend when I was in Town.

Happy Birthday to my Sister Maria

Today, another member of my family celebrates a birthday. This time around it’s my sister Maria. She’s had a tough year this year, so I’m hoping that she’ll be able to get out and enjoy herself today.

She’s the mother of 3 amazing kids, one of which is living with us at the moment while she studies here in Vancouver.

It’s amazing how quickly time goes by. I recall when we were little the fights we would get into. Being just 2 years apart in age from each other, we constantly fought like good brother and sisters fought. We fought for room on the couch, we fought for got to watch what on tv, we fought just for the sake of fighting.  Ahhh good times!

But we grew out of it, as young kids do, and we have developed a strong relationship. Even though we are miles away from each other, we still manage to connect somehow.

So Maria, have an amazing birthday today. Get out and enjoy YOUR day.

Happy Birthday Mom

Mom.JPG Today is my mother’s birthday and last year we’ve spent my mom’s birthday in a hospital right after her stroke. A year later, she’s out of the hospital, but now in a full care home and not sure she knows that today is her birthday.

It has been a tough year for all of us in my family, and we’ve all had to make adjustments in our lives. I haven’t spoken to her in sometime and the last time I did she cried on the phone, so I don’t want to upset her today.

I’m just so glad she’s still around, even though she might not fully be aware of what is going on. So mom, I wish you an amazing 75th birthday and I hope you at least know in your heart that you are loved by so many.

Happy Birthday To My Sister Gladys

IMG_3024 Today is my sister Glady’s birthday. She is an amazing wife and mother who has brought into the world two amazing kids Amanda and Adrian, who would do anything for their mother. She’s an amazing daughter who has been there tirelessly for my mother and helping out my father, especially after my mother’s stroke. And she is an amazing sister who has been there for me and my other sister when we’ve needed her.

I’ll admit it’s hard being across the country when a family member has a birthday. We are a close family and we’ve always been around when someone has their birthday.

Happy birthday Gladys. May you have an amazing day today. Love you!

Happy Birthday Steven

Steven Brum

Today is my youngest nephew’s birthday (boy they grow up so fast)

What can be said about Steven. This boy is a thrill seeker. He loves challenging himself physically and I have a feeling if things continue this way he’s going to either end up being a stuntman (not what his parent’s would want I’m sure), or some extreme sports junkie 🙂

As always it’s very hard being away from family when they celebrate their birthday. I’m the kind of uncle that wants to be there, share in a slice of cake and share in the big day.

So Steven, I wish you the best of birthdays. Have the best day ever and enjoy!!!

Happy Birthday Amanda

My niece and I

Today is my niece’s 31st birthday.  Yeah I know it’s hard to believe I’ve been an uncle for this long period of time.

Amanda is my eldest niece and has turned into an amazing young woman, thanks to her amazing mother. I still remember when she was a baby, when she took her first steps, when she said her first words. Ahh yes all good times.

This past week she was in town for work for a few days and we had a chance to get together and connect again. She’s doing amazing things now with work and will be going places 🙂

So Amanda, hope you have an amazing birthday today. All the best!

Your loving uncle!

Happy Mother's Day to my Sisters


As we celebrate our mother’s today, we shouldn’t forget all mom’s in all forms.

Both of my sisters are mothers. They have brought up 5 kids between the two of them and they all have grown and growing into wonderful people that I’m so proud of. My sisters are so patient and have been so calm during the tough times and have had so many wonderful times with the kids.

So to you Gladys and Maria, I’m wishing you both a wonderful Mother’s Day. May you both have an amazing day – you both deserve it!!!

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my dad’s birthday and I wanted to wish him the best on this day. Even though he’s had a rough time dealing with my mom’s stroke these past few months, he still has remained strong. He is doing his best to make sure she is comfortable. It’s not easy for him, so especially on this day I hope he gets a chance to relax a bit and enjoy the day.

My dad is a very independent and strong man. He loves to experiment and he loves to create machinery. Check him out here during my last visit to Toronto in February where he took his snow blower invention out for a run.

We might not have always seen eye to eye, but it has been those moments that have made us stronger. I truly love my father and it is because of him I have grown into the person I am. It was my father who taught me how to fish, it was my father that taught me how to make a fire, it was my father that showed me how to bbq the Argentine way, it was my father who showed me how to paint, it was my father who showed me that I can take risks and not worried if I failed.

Thank you dad for being there and I wish you the best on your birthday today.


Happy Birthday Maria

Maria Brum

Today is my sister Maria’s birthday. We are now officially 2 years apart again (yeah I had to rub it in there again 🙂 ).

She’s a great sister who’s always there to help out when you need it, she’s also there for her family and supports her kids as a great mother should. Hell both of my sisters are doing amazing jobs of raising their kids.

Although I can’t be there to help her celebrate, I do hope that she has an amazing day today and enjoys it.