Camping – Quick Update

Just thought I’d give everyone a quick update on the camping excursion thus far. Tanya has been so much fun. We are all sharing some great times as well as chatting with her fiancé Barry making us all feel like we are here together.

The weather has been great thus far. There was a moment earlier where I thought it was going to be cloudy for the rest of the day bit a nice breeze came and it pushed those clouds away.

We also have been heeling out a bit with our iPhones and tethering as we surf the Internet. I’m currently writing this post via my iPhone.

Tonight we are going to have som chicken skewers as well as some smores. Alas there is a fire ban currently going on and it would have been great to roast some marshmellows. Oh well another time.

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend so far.

Going Camping – Goldilocks and the Three Bears Style


In just a few short hours from now Russ, Junior and myself will be heading up to one of our favourite spots to camp near Whistler called CalChek. But this time we won’t be alone. This time we are being joined by Tanya and we are planning on having a fantastic weekend away from the city. With the weather being the way it is, this is a perfect time for a short camping trip.

Tanya says she loves to camp and she will be sure to make some smores for me since I’ve never had them in my life. We won’t be roughing it that much as we will be bringing up some movies as well we can tether with our iPhones and keep our good friends in the city up-to-date with our weekend.

All I know is that we will have a great time relaxing, chatting by the fire pit, drinking some wine as well as making an excursion into Whistler for abit. What else we might do is still up in the air, but it’s ways great to share it with some great friends.

Fun Weekend of Camping


Russ, Junior and I headed away from the city this weekend, up the Sea to Sky Highway to our so far favourite place to camp – Cal-Chek.

Now Cal-Chek is an old forestry campground and not run by the BC Government, but run by the Indian Band. As such they don’t have a general store, they don’t have showers, it has an outhouse, it doesn’t have a beach, but it has a running river.  That said, the campground is well maintained and you are shaded by the elements from the huge trees that surround the campsite.

We managed to get our old site from last year, to my surprise, Russ had the tent set up prior to me leaving work.  He was good at driving up to the site earlier on Friday and securing a spot.


We had a great relaxing weekend.  We headed into Whistler on Saturday to grab some essentials, and also hiked abit along the Cal-Chek trail that took us to Brandywine Falls.  We walked along the trail and were treated to an awesome vista of the area.  We truly are blessed to live so close to such beauty.

IMG_3281 IMG_3288

Junior of course had a run of the campsite and he enjoyed running around and sneaking into other campsites to see what everyone was doing.  Of course he did have to be told a few times to stay within bounds, but overall he was a very good boy.

We were also treated to a couple of woodpeckers that decided to do some “pecking” of the “wood” and I snapped up a couple of photos. Who thought that taking a photo of a bird would be hard, but I had difficulty in getting the right shot.

IMG_3310 IMG_3304

The temperature at night did drop to about 5C, and if it wasn’t for the heater Russ had purchased last year I think we would have froze. This of course didn’t deter the mosquitoes from being out in full force.  If it wasn’t for the OFF-Lanterns we purchased I don’t think we would have survived. Thank you OFF for creating these, an item that *actually* works!

On our treck back into Vancouver, we stopped along Britannia Beach for a bit.  This where you can find the BC Museum of Mining.  Granted we did not go into the Museum itself, we did walk around the surrounding buildings, which was fun. One day we will venture in.

IMG_3322 IMG_3327

Heading Camping This Weekend

Well the iPhone has come and there are some happy people and there are some angry people.  I for one just need a break from it all as I could only watch in the sidelines.

Add the fact that my uncle in Argentina isn’t the greatest, I need to get away.

Russ has secured a camp ground site in Cal-Chek (near Whistler) and I’ll be heading up there shortly after I leave work.  Hopefully mosquitoes won’t get to be too much of a hastle and hopefully I’ll be able to recharge and relax from all the information overload of the past week.


We did have the opportunity to visit Tofino this weekend, but alas they do not take pets and I couldn’t get someone to take care of Junior on such notice.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get to Tofino one day and see what everyone is raving about.

Here’s looking forward to a great weekend!

Camping 2007

This past weekend Russ, Junior and I packed up the camping gear in Tabitha and headed up the coast to Cal-Chek Camping ground located about 10 minutes south of Whistler.  Granted Russ took off their early during Friday to make sure a site was grabbed.  Somehow he managed to set the tent up and drove all the way back to the city to pick up Junior and myself.

I haven’t been camping in decades and this was really one of the first times I’ve actually camped in a tent.

Junior of course loved being able to run free without a lease and the care takers didn’t mind that he wasn’t on one.  Actually all dogs that were there were off lease and it was nice to see.  Junior of course never ventured far away and was always within eye distance of the campsite.

It was fun to just go out and relax for a weekend.  The only major worries I had was how to keep those damn mosquitoes away from me.  Citronella candles and Deep Woods Off did the trick for the most part.  I’ve manage to only have 12 bites through the whole weekend.

You can find some photos on my Flickr page, though granted they were shot via my cell phone camera.

We’ll definitely head back up there again in the future.  You can’t beat $10/night/car.

My suggestion for next time is to be sure we are warm enough during the night.  Boy it gets cold up there and the blankets were not enough.  Even Junior suffered from the cold and I think I’ll be taking him to the Vet today to have the sneezing and the drippy nose looked at.