Please Excuse The Mess

Please excuse the mess around here.

You see I’ve transferred my hosting provider and it seems like my transfer didn’t work as seamlessly as I would have liked. But hey that’s what makes it fun, huh?

I’ll be updating slowly so things will change along the way and hopefully I should have things back to normal soon enough.

And for those that have noticed, yeah it has been a few months since I’ve posted anything. I’m hoping to change that too.

Thanks for sticking around!


Slowly Coming Back Up

So my blog has had a little hick-up lately.

You see my little blog was hacked and I had the hardest time trying to get those ugly files out of my blog. Every time I deleted the mischievous files, they would come back up in a couple of days. I decided it was time to reinstall WordPress from scratch.

Sadly I’ve lost a few images along the way and I’m slowly adding the plug-ins I loved to use on a regular basis. This will take some time and I’m confident that I’ll have my blog up to the standard I had before this all happened. This will also give me the chance to do some upgrades along the way.

To make matters worse, the server I’m on has been experiencing high volumes of traffic. It makes it harder for me to perform my upgrades as the server takes time to respond and I have had it fail on me several times in the process. Since I don’t own the server outright and share it with others, it’s hard to determine which blog is affecting the server. Dreamhost has assured me that they are looking into it, but I hope it won’t take them too long to figure out what is causing this.

So I thank you for you patience as I get my blog up and running. I’m not a technical genius as some of my friends and Twitter pals are, so it will take me some time.

Thank you for sticking around!

New Year, New Changes

Photo Walk  11 When I began the new year, I had a different plan in mind for making it a year of change and growth. With the elimination of my position at work, which I was very proud of doing and had so many great things in mind to make it awesome, I’m now stuck wondering what I’m gonna be doing for the rest of the year.

Well now that things have started to settle and I’m coming to terms with it, I’m starting right here with a refresh, of sorts, of my blog.

I’ve began with changing the theme and changing the cover images you see when you come onto the blog. I’ve also started to add a menu system where you can find specific posts easier and where I can highlight posts I’m proud of.

This is still the early stages of the refresh, but I hope you are enjoying what I’ve done so far and keep coming back as I make small tweaks here and there. I’m not going to have a big launch party like my friend Marc Smith is having for 30 Day Adventures next week, but seeing him refresh his site has given me some ideas of my own.

So 2013 is looking great so far. I’m happy right now and will continue to be happier as the days continue. In the interim, if you know of anyone that is looking for a social media savvy guy that can help with digital strategies, let me know! I’d love to work with you and with your clients to make them the best they can be!

I'm Not Gone, Honestly

Well hello there world. No I’m not gone, I’m still here honestly. I know I have been fairly quiet on my blog this past month, hell, the last couple of months if truth be told. I do have a reason, honestly I do. You see my new position has got me travelling and keeping me busy over the last 45 days and now that things are finally coming into place I think I’ll be able to update more on here.

I’ll try to keep the content coming. After-all I’ve been to Victoria, Chicago and Calgary recently so I do have things to talk about! So please be patient with me as I’ll try not to disappoint you.

My Blog Needs a Doctor

So I had to reinstall WordPress on my blog over this past weekend. It looks like I had a nasty maleware somewhere on my blog and it was messing things up. Some of my friends said it was probably something to do with my theme and it was best to just scrap things and bring things back up again.

Granted the process wasn’t as easy as I thought and it took me a while over the weekend to get it up again. The theme I had doesn’t seem to be available anymore, at least I can’t find it anywhere, so I’m using the default WordPress Twenty Eleven theme for now while I get things working again.

I’m slowly trying to get all my plugins installed and maybe this is a good thing as I’m sure I had some plugins that weren’t being used anymore and just occupying space.

So if you see something odd on my blog, let me know and be patient with me as I get things back up and running.

Well Hello, It's Been Awhile

Well hello everyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted on this blog.

December was a busy month with work functions to attend, client parties to attend and even friend’s party to attend. December was also a month of reflection, where I’ve been, what I’ve accomplished and where I want to see myself headed towards. December also saw us frantically getting our place organized for my niece’s arrival in January (she’s here for a full year studying at Blanche MacDonald).

So I promise to get things going again here on this blog. I’ve already have a few ideas lined up on some posts and I always love getting ideas from PR firms that pitch me (though I have failed a few these past couple of months). So thanks for sticking around and seeing me through a “dry spell”.

The Ranting Blog – Gus Fusses

On Friday, while at work and chatting with a few co-workers, I had suggested one of them start their own ranting blog as they love to rant about everything. I had come up with a very catchy title to their blog too (but for protection I won’t be saying what it was), and one of my co-workers came up with a catchy title for me – Gus Fusses.

I had thought this was such a catchy title that I quickly grabbed the domain name and have created more of a ranting blog. So without too much fan fare, was born.

I’ll probably be posting daily rants on there, though sometimes there might be some cross over, hell I’m sure there will be some cross over. So go check out and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your ranting stories as well and feel free to give me some ideas along the way.

Testing Blogsy For The IPad

The other day I saw one of my good friend tweet about Blogsy and thought I would give it a look.

I was looking for an easy software where I could easily create a blog post without having to know any HTML codes (god forbid I would have to learn how to code) to use on the iPad. The WordPress App is ok for being able to quickly approve comments or quickly update a post, but I didn’t find the interface all that great when compared to the PC/MAC. I guess I’m just so use to using the WYSIWYG for quickly editing and writing my blog posts.

This App is great as it uses the iPad’s touch capabilities for easily dropping in links, photos and videos as you can see by this video.

With this tool I’ll be able to easily update and create blogs on the go without having to bring my MacBook Pro along. After all this post was created by using Blogsy.

My Fourth Year Blogiversary

With everything that has been going on with my professional life lately, I forgot to write up a post on my fourth year blogiversary. Yes that is right folks, I’ve been blogging now for four years.

I have to thank Rebecca Bollwitt (aka Miss 604) for getting me started on blogging. She showed me how it easy it was to get started and showed me how to find my own voice online, and for that Rebecca, I thank you!

At first I wasn’t sure what to call myself. I knew my blog would just be for a select few people, but mainly it was for my family. I wanted to share what was going on in my life and show them what I was up to. Moving from Toronto to Vancouver, they had no real idea what I was doing. This was to be my digital realm, my digital voice.

These past four years I have met some great people from the blogger community, from Raul Pacheco, to Tanya Desrosiers, to Monica Hamburg, to John Bielher, to Tris Hussey, to Tyler Ingram and many more (see my blog roll on the side of this page). You have all been so influential to me and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I can’t wait to continue to grow my audience and continue to grow as a blogger. These past four years have been amazing and I wouldn’t change my experience on here for anything! You’ve all experienced my trips across the world, my family gatherings, my events I’ve attended, and my photos along the way.

So what was my first blog post? Well here it is folks, my very first blog post – The Beginning

Welcome to

After almost 4 years of, I thought it was a time for a change, I thought it was a time to just drop the digital, and just add my last name to it. At first I thought it would be hard for people to spell my last name and not find me, but then I began to think that this would be a great way to for people to learn how to spell it, and for me to brand myself.

I’m still not sure on the direction of the blog. I’m not sure if it will change moving forward, but I hope everyone likes the new redesign and likes the new domain name.

So please make sure you change my domain name if you have me on your blog roll. Also please make sure you update your RSS Feed with the new domain as well.

I’ll probably still be tweaking a few things here and there. Please let me know what you think!