What's New on the CBS – 2013 Fall TV Line Up

With the 2013 fall tv season about to get underway, my good friend Laura Yee-Lim, TV Guru, gives us her take on the new shows this season on CBS. As always you can follow Laura on Twitter and keep up to date on everything happening in the land of TV!

The majority of the new shows on CBS this season make up their Monday night lineup. With this being the last season for How I Met Your Mother, execs are probably trying to find a show that can successfully step into their quirky, dysfunctional shoes.

Sandwiched between HIMYM and 2 Broke Girls is We are Men, a comedy about four unlucky in love men living in an apartment complex. It’s a nice departure from the usual comedies surrounding women who can’t find Mr. Right and with Tony Shalhoub, Jerry O’Connell and Kal Penn starring, it’s sure to be pretty darn funny. Just based on the talent of these three actors, I’ve added it to my already packed roster. The next half hour comedy on Monday is Mom with Anna Faris playing a recently sober mother of two who has recently reconciled with her estranged mother. While the rest of the cast of Allison Janney, French Stewart & Nate Corddry is comedy genius, I have enough issues with my own mother to want to watch some else deal with theirs.

Monday night is also host to two new dramas this season but they will share the 10pm timeslot. The first half of the season will include Hostages with Dermot Mulroney & Toni Collette. The story centres on the politically charged blurring of the line between right & wrong when a surgeon & her family are taken hostage by an FBI Agent & his team in a plot to assassinate the President. The good guys might be bad but are they doing it for the right reasons? The second half of the season will introduce us to the world of Intelligence where Josh Holloway with the help of a special microchip implanted in his brain will become an upgraded version of the Million Dollar Man.

Like with Mondays, there are two new additions to the Thursday comedy lineup. First off is The Millers about a news reporter (Will Arnett) who unintentionally inspires his father to leave his mother with the news of his recent divorce. To make matters worse, his mother then moves in with him while his father moves in with his sister’s family.  It just sounds confusing &, let’s face it, really annoying – which probably means it’ll be a huge hit! The second new comedy is The Crazy Ones & if you haven’t seen a single episode of Mork & Mindy then you won’t understand how excited I am for this show. The comedic genius of Robin Williams returns to TV in this series about an unpredictably brilliant advertising executive who runs an ad agency with his type A daughter. I know, it sounds boring… but it’s Robin Williams, people! Come on!

Below is the full schedule for the network including premiere dates & highlighted are the CBS shows included in my schedule this coming season:

8pm – How I Met Your Mother (1 hr premiere – Sept 23rd)
8:30pm – We are Men (Sept 30th
9pm – 2 Broke Girls (Sept 23rd)
9:30pm – Mom (Sept 23rd)
10pm – Hostages (Sept 23rd)
10pm – Intelligence (midseason replacement – Feb 24th)

8pm – NCIS (Sept 24th)
9pm – NCIS: Los Angeles (Sept 24th
10pm – Person of Interest (Sept 24th)

8pm – Survivor (Sept 18th)
9pm – Criminal Minds (Sept 25th)
10pm – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Sept 25th)

8pm – The Big Bang Theory (Sept 26th)
8:30pm – The Millers (Sept 26th)
9pm – The Crazy Ones (Sept 26th)
9:30pm – Two and a Half Men (Sept 26th)
10pm – Elementary (Sept 26th)

8pm – Undercover Boss (Sept 27th)
9pm – Hawaii Five-0 (Sept 27th)
10pm – Blue Bloods (Sept 27th)

8pm – Comedytime Saturday
9pm – Crimetime Saturday
10pm – 48 Hours (Sept 28th)

7pm – 60 Minutes (Sept 29th)
8pm – The Amazing Race (Sept 29th)
9pm – The Good Wife (Sept 29th)
10pm – The Mentalist (Sept 29th)


What's New on the CW – 2013 Fall Line Up

As always my good friend and go to person for all things TV,  Laura Lee-Lim brings you a taste of what’s new on the Fall Schedule. Today she talks to us about what’s new on The CW – I know it’s one of her favourite channels :).

You can always follow Laura on Twitter to get up to date news on all things TV.

theCW_logoTrue to form, the CW schedule is jam packed with supernatural goodness. While there are only three (3) new shows this season, they look to nicely round out the action packed series’ that make up their fall season.

With the addition of The Tomorrow People on Wednesday nights, we get to enjoy double the Amell yumminess as cousins Robbie and Stephen takeover the mid-week lineup. I’m not sure if they are next gen humans or a separate race altogether but either way, the series hits all the high points for me. There’s a little action, social insecurity & the need to find a place to belong. Oh yeah, and some cool “powers” that have always been on my “if I had a superpower….” list.

In an effort to hype this series & give the last in the trio of newbies some additional promo time, The Originals will air their premiere on Thursday following the series that spawned it (Vampire Diaries) before moving to its regular timeslot on Tuesday nights. While it is a spinoff, this series looks to have a strong storyline all its own with the Original Vampire family going toe-to-toe with the new power in their hometown of New Orleans.

Until I started writing this post for Gus, I’d actually never heard of this series. I’d heard of other period shows like the Tudors and Game of Thrones but wasn’t aware that the CW was coming out with a teen friendly version. Guess it’s a good thing then that the execs decided to delay the premiere of Reign. The series will follow Mary Stuart, more commonly known now as Mary, Queen of Scots, as she embarks on a new phase in her life – an arranged marriage. There’s religion, political intrigue & probably a little romance all wrapped loosely in the history of a young girl learning to navigate her royal way. I am intrigued enough to have now added it to my “give it a try” list.

Below is the full schedule for the network including premiere dates & highlighted are the CW shows included in my schedule this coming season:

8pm – Hart of Dixie (Oct 7th)
9pm – Beauty and the Beast (Oct 7th),

8pm – The Originals (2nd episode: Oct 8th)
9pm – Supernatural (Oct 8th)

8pm – Arrow (Oct 9th)
9pm – The Tomorrow People (Oct 9th)

8pm – The Vampire Diaries (Oct 3rd)
9pm – The Originals (1st episode: Oct 3rd & encores until the premiere of Reign)
9pm – Reign (Oct 17th)

8pm – The Carrie Diaries (Oct 25th)
9pm – America’s Next Top Model: Guys and Girls (premiered Aug 2nd)


Where Has Time Gone?

It’s hard to believe the summer is almost at an end. Where has time gone?

I’ve been so busy these past few months that I’ve had little time to post on here, let alone use Twitter or Facebook as I used to use them. I might not have been posting, but I have been listening in and reading to what my peeps have been up to. Yeah call me a stalker :).

I’ve spent most of the summer busy taking a couple of courses. Yup I was back at school, learning old and new things.

Since I’ve been away from the social media scene, due to a new career move, I thought I needed to get back into it and so I decided it was best to take a social media marketing course offered at UBC Robson. The course itself was strictly online, and though I’m used to taking courses in a class environment and wasn’t sure how it would work, the course proved to be interesting enough to keep my interest.

During the class we learned step by step how to create a marketing strategy for an organization. I took on the challenge of creating one for a restaurant, though they didn’t know I was doing it. I understood most of what was required, but it was nice to have the step by step process laid out and it made more sense at the end of the day. I’m proud to say that at the end of the course I got a 89%. It wasn’t the 95% I was hoping at the beginning as I didn’t do well on one assignment, but that is how we learn, and we move forward.

Sadly the next available course isn’t being offered until the fall. So I decided to take on another course I’ve always wanted to take – I took an Adobe Photoshop course also at UBC Robson. I felt I was losing some of my creative side. I felt I needed something to challenge me more and since I’ve always loved photography it was the perfect fit.

Now this course was offered in class and we got to work on Macs – Yippie!! I got to learn so much and had so much fun learning along the way. You can see some of projects below to see how I improved during the short 5 weeks.

Welcome to Gustavo

Mystic Elephant

And this was my final project. I’ve yet to get graded on it, but I’m happy with the results.


I had so much fun that I decided to take on the next Photoshop level and add Adobe Illustrator to the mix. So starting September 30th until November 30th, I’ll be a busy boy. I’ll be growing my creative side and who knows where this might lead!

I haven’t had the chance to travel as much I would have liked and work has been really busy lately. I’m hoping I’ll be able to change that soon.

So hopefully I won’t take this long to write my next blog 🙂

Hitting the Books

I’ve been wanting to do this for sometime.

I knew I needed to get some new courses under my belt and I knew I wanted to improve on some my current skills both in the social media space and in the creative space. So I’ve gone ahead and done it. I’m now a registered student at UBC Robson Square in the Continuing Education program.

What am I taking? Well at first I signed up for their Adobe Photoshop Level 1 course. I knew that I needed to improve my skills at manipulating photographs that I’ve taken and also use them at creating dynamic content for my blog. Yes it all first started off when I was going through my blog and new that I wanted to improve it and make it more visual. I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to complete their Level 2 program sometime in the fall and add it to my resume and skill set.

I noticed that when I was looking for work, many had Photoshop as a “nice have” skill. And I truly believe it is nice to have.

But I didn’t stop there, no I also decided to sign up for their Social Media Strategy and Marketing course. Yeah some of you might say that I already know my stuff and that I don’t need to take it, but I want to have this on my resume as a course and a course from a reputable institution. Now this course is all online, and I’m a little apprehensive of taking it as I normally don’t do well in these types of courses. I do much better in a classroom setting and with others around as we all learn from each other.

Since the summer is just about to start I thought it would be a perfect time to actually go back to school. I’m scared and excited at the same time. So you might not see much of me online, or you might start seeing more as I reach out to you all during this time.

Wish me luck as I begin my new journey and chapter in life starting next week!!!!


Happy Mother's Day Mom!

When I was Young - Mom and me Today is a bitter sweet day for me. Even though my mother is still with us, she still isn’t all with us. After her stroke we lost a bit of my mother and that part of her is never coming back. She was a strong woman and mother! Some would call her supermom! She worked 2 jobs, fed us dinner everyday, and kept our huge home cleaned, and loved us like no other mom could.

Though I wish I could call her or better yet be there to give her a hug and a kiss, I don’t think she would understand that today is her day!

At any rate, I’m going to celebrate her, celebrate the mother I know and remember. I’m proud to be called her son. She has taught me so much and has taught me the meaning of love.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

When I Was Young 16

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