Merry Christmas

To all my family and friends, all the best on this joyeous of days! Hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy the day with your friends and family.

Above is our tree decorated with real candles lite up for Christmas Eve!

Naked Pumpkin Run

Ok I just heard this and had to share.

On Halloween night at 8pm there will be a Naked Pumpkin Run along the sea wall between Beach Ave and Yaletown. This event people wear a carved pumpkin over their heads and run about 1 mile naked. Supposedly this event started in Boulder Colorado [wiki] years ago and has expanded. Hmmm they must be liberal minded Americans!

Hmmm I might just have to go check it out as it will end in my neighbourhood! 🙂

EDIT: Boulder Colorado has posted up their pictures at the following link:

Parade of Lost Souls

So Russ and myself attended the Parade of Lost Souls on Commercial Drive this past weekend. It was amazing to see all the people dressed up for Halloween, especially the older croud.

The Parade of the Lost Souls I found out is a neighbourhood’s annual celebration to honour the dearly departed, wake the living and overcome fears. there is a colourful torch-lit procession that made its way through neighbourhood streets and alleys. Held at Grandview Park, the evening’s grand finale featured performances of fire dancing and fireworks.

We definately plan to go next year and this time I will bring my camera, as you can only do so much with a cell phone camera.


After a fairly busy week at work (only to get busier this month), it’s finally Friday!!!

We had Harley, a great colleague of ours from our Ottawa Officed, join us for a few days here at work and he proved to be a blast. Sometimes the quiet ones are the ones you have to watch out for when the day is over! hehehe!

Aside from that, Andrea and Alix will be dropping in tonight for dinner and we will have our slide show of our Paris trip for viewing (not my choice, but they want to see them with narrative…oh my!)

Later this weekend hopefully we’ll catch a couple of movies. Russ and myself want to see Marie Antonette, as it was filmed in Paris and we have to remember the places we were in. Hopefully also catch The Prestige.

I’ll have to write up a review this weekend so stay tuned!

Friday the 13th!!!

Well today is Friday the 13th!

If you are superstitious, this is a perfect day for you to just stay home, hide under the covers and hope the day to go by quickly. For others this is a good luck day. Being 1/2 Italian, this is suppose to be a good luck day for me. I’ve always tried to remember if I ever really had any luck on this day? I can’t think of anytime in the past when it was lucky nor unlucky for that matter. Hmm maybe I should just consider myself lucky for living another day and enjoying tomorrow or I should just buy a lotto ticket and hope for a big pay out! 🙂

So for all of you out there that are scared of this day, becareful, avoid black cats crossing your path, stay away from crows, don’t break any mirrors, and above all don’t walk under someone on a ladder.