Depeche Mode – Heaven

The electronic pop band Depeche Mode is back with their newly released song “Heaven” from their new album Delta Machine which will be released in March 26, 2013.

A break from their traditional electronic sound, Heaven has a hypnotic sound to it with mixes of 50’s blues rock thrown in. Dave Gahan’s vocals is in top form as always. The video itself has some great images that resemble a lost dream.

Depeche Mode is scheduled to be touring with their fist stop in Tel Aviv on May 7, 2013. Their 34 shows will take them to Europe and North America, but as of yet no tour dates have been released.

Let’s hope they have a stop in Vancouver as I would love to see them live. I’ve seen them in concert before back in the 80’s for their Black Celebration tour and they were amazing.


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