Happy 2013!

2012 was a year full of change and adjustments. My niece moved from Toronto to live with us as she studied to become a Certified Make-up Artist. I got to get reacquainted with her and see her as a young adult, while learning to live in a small one bedroom place with 2 other people. I also got a new position at work as the Internal Brand Ambassador of Marketwire. A new role that I’m enjoying everyday, even though it has its challenges since it’s a new role within the company.

And now a new year begins!

Normally people would be making new years resolutions and trying hard to keep up with them, but let’s face it over 92% of us will fail at keeping up with those resolutions. Though in theory they are made to help improve us!

I haven’t “officially” made any new years resolutions, I do have some goals I want to accomplish this year. I intend to keep them to myself at this time, but the goals I have are to improve me in my every day life and will be for the better. Baby steps is how I’m approaching them and I have some timelines for each goal I’ve set up.

So here is hoping that 2013 is a great year. I’m looking forward to the changes and challenges it will bring while at the same time continuing to help me grow as a person.



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