Oh You Intranet You!


With my recent position at my work as an Internal Brand Ambassador, I’ve been working on creating  better internal communications as well as training and bringing employees up to speed on the use of social media for their day to day work (and life).

Lately I’ve been challenging myself. Our intranet isn’t where I want it to be and nor where it should be for our company to be honest. I’ve been researching on the internet to get a glimpse into what it takes to have a great intranet. I’ve been to several conferences and listened to many great speakers talk about their intranets and how it functions.

There are service providers out there that help companies get an intranet up and running and I do want to the intranet to be the best it can be. I maybe getting ahead of myself here as I’m working on getting a proposal of some sort in place to share with my boss on how I see and plan to improve our intranet.

Has anyone worked on their intranet within your corporation? Did you have a process in place? What did you see as some of the major obstacles?

I’ll try to document as much as I can to share my knowledge as I go on this road to improving our intranet. Granted I don’t really have the “go-ahead” yet, but as part of my roll I do want to make a difference and how our intranet is perceived and used.

One thought on “Oh You Intranet You!

  1. Hi Gus,
    Just came across your site and enjoying having a poke round. From experience of several intranets I’ve seen working in a few companies in the UK I’d suggest you be aware –
    How will you ensure it is kept up to date – this seems the most common trap where out of date resources and pages are kept on line alongside the newer version
    Beware the sprawl – keep it tight and easy to navigate!
    Don’t incorporate everyones suggestions or please everyone – it just becomes a mess.
    Front should, in my opinion, have news section – one part devoted to company news while the other should feature updates to the intranet to make everyone aware of changes and additions.
    Add pictures to break up text
    Good luck,

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