MOvember 2012 is Just Around the Corner

It’s time to start thinking about MOvember again.

MOvember is a month long fundraising event where men from around the world get together to raise money and awareness for men’s prostate cancer. How do they do it? Well they grow a mustache or mo all month long. But this year it’s a little different, we are also raising awareness of mental health issues.

I’m proud to be participating in my fourth year of this great cause. Again this year I join our company’s team called the Marketwire Sysomos Staches. We are proud to be participating this year. Last year our company matched our donations and we raised over $11,000. This year we are striving to beat those numbers and we can only do it with your support. So please help support me this year by donating to me personally or our team.

I’ll be updating throughout November on my progress. As usual I can’t look at myself in the mirror the first few days as I go from having a goatee to being completely clean shaven. I’m nervous as hell, but I know it’s for a great cause!

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