Hello Vancouver – Eleven Years Later

Downtown Vancouver

It’s hard to believe, but eleven years ago today, I packed up my computer (2 huge boxes that included my monitor and desktop) and a large luggage full of clothes in Toronto and moved to Vancouver.

An experiment of sorts, I wanted to give Vancouver a try; I wanted and needed a change; and things were just working out perfectly for me that it offered me the chance to move here. With a job working for Essence du Papier at the newly renovated Eaton store downtown and a place to stay with Russ I made the huge plunge.

Though still in the same country and 4 1/2 hour plane ride between us, it was hard leaving family behind. As you see we are close family and are always in touch with each other.

I’ve made some amazing friends here in Vancouver and I have made a life that I’m very proud of. With the help of Russ who has supported me through these amazing eleven years I’ve never been happier.

So thank you Vancouver for being here for me and thank you for allowing me to explore you when I can. You are an amazing city and I’m loving my stay here!

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