Happy Leap Day

Ahhhh February 29. You only come around once every 4 years and somehow you make it feel like it’s a day that you want us to remember. Especially today here in Vancouver when it’s snowing outside and just looking awful at the moment.

So why do we have you? What is the reason for having a Leap Day? Well it all has to do with earth’s orbit around the sun. You see it actually takes 365 days and 6 hours (give or take a few minutes) for one complete rotation. So after 4 years, we’ve accumlated approximately 24 hours which gives us one “full” day.

Now I used to know people that had their birthdays on February 29th back in Elementary school. Outside of the leap year, they would celebrate their birthday on February 28th, though I have heard some celebrate it on March 1st. I do know that they were more excited celebrating their birthday on the actual February 29th.

So to all celebrating your birthday today, Happy Leap Birthday. I hope you do something extra special today. To everyone else, go crazy today. After all who will remember this in 4 years? 🙂

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