Happy Birthday Mom

Mom.JPG Today is my mother’s birthday and last year we’ve spent my mom’s birthday in a hospital right after her stroke. A year later, she’s out of the hospital, but now in a full care home and not sure she knows that today is her birthday.

It has been a tough year for all of us in my family, and we’ve all had to make adjustments in our lives. I haven’t spoken to her in sometime and the last time I did she cried on the phone, so I don’t want to upset her today.

I’m just so glad she’s still around, even though she might not fully be aware of what is going on. So mom, I wish you an amazing 75th birthday and I hope you at least know in your heart that you are loved by so many.

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  1. What a nice tribute and birthday post for your mom. I hope that she will have amazing 75th birthday. And I hope that she will recover from the stroke. I also wish her good health and more birthdays to come. Thanks for sharing the wonderful post.

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