Returning TV Shows Fall 2011 – Part 2

Yes folks, Laura continues her posts with what shows are returning again this Fall and what she has lined up for her viewing pleasure. Yes she has a lot of hours ahead of her and hopefully her insight will help you out when you plan what you will be watching this fall.

When I originally told Gus that I would write these series of posts for the Fall Season, I never thought it would be this many. I certainly never thought it would be so perfectly timed that the last post would be the week before the premieres started. That is obviously not this post. With all the new additions to casts & special guest stars already announced, we (Gus & I) figured it warranted its own post.

So, while this will be the last post about my schedule, it will not be the last in my series of guest posts here on Gus Digital. With that said, here is the last half of my schedule with the prerequisite recaps & hints to tide you over until the premieres start in a couple of weeks. As with the last post, all times listed below are based on a PST schedule.


8:30pm – Suburgatory (ABC)
9:30pm – Happy Endings (ABC)

Well, I didn’t really watch Happy Endings last season because it was a mid-season addition & my schedule was just as packed as this year. But from the episodes that I’ve seen this summer, it is definitely all about the characters. What can you expect with a Wayans in the mix?! As with most sitcoms, the stories have been done before but the craziness of Penny, the awkwardness that is Dave & Alex and the angry, hilarity of Max combine so wonderfully to make it comedy genius! If you just want to veg out & have a good laugh, tune in. It’s well worth it.

10pm – Revenge (ABC)


7pm – Primeval (Space – Nov. 10th)

Like Doctor Who, this is another import from the UK that I just love. Unlike The Office, American TV execs have not tried to remake this into their own version of the show but instead have been airing the original British series.  Primeval is about a rag tag team of individuals who seek out & contain anomalies, which are openings in time & space through which many things appear. The original series centered around a scientist who stumbled upon their existence & with various people he met along the way decided to learn about the anomalies. Since then, it has turned more into a military search & contain kind of mission. But in both versions, the creatures from both the past & the future as well as the interpersonal mysteries make this the perfect scifi addition to any schedule. Who doesn’t like dinosaurs, right?

8pm – Charlie’s Angels (ABC)
9pm – Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Bones (FOX) & The Secret Circle (CW)

So, rumour has it that this might be the last season for the Sheppards on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s still a wait & see game but with both their contracts coming up anything can happen. We finished off last season with Meredith’s tampering of Derek’s trial coming to light due to Alex’s jealousy & concern that he wouldn’t get the Chief Resident position. He didn’t get it either, though. It went to April. While what she did was wrong, Meredith’s actions will have far reaching affects for not only her career & relationship but for those around her. Christina will continue to grapple with the knowledge that she’s pregnant, while Alex will basically be shunned by the rest of the Seattle Grace staff. The only upside to all the craziness is that because Teddy decided to stay with Henry, we should probably still be seeing a lot of cutie patootie, Scott Foley.

Over on Bones, there’s more baby goings on. But before I get into it, I have to commend FOX on making it supremely easy for someone, like me, who has come to this show late to catch up. They play double episodes every Thursday! As I haven’t watched all of Season 6 yet I can’t give you a recap except to say that Brennan announced her pregnancy to Booth. Don’t expect it to be smooth sailing for the pair because they’re a couple now. If anything, it’ll be probably harder being as stubborn as they both are. As with any good crime solving drama, a new villain will emerge but they’ll have to get it solved quickly since the season will be shorter to accommodate Emily Deschanel’s real life pregnancy.

10pm – Private Practice (ABC)

The doctoring at Oceanside Wellness will be overshadowed, as usual, by the personal relationships of its doctors on Private Practice this season. As the season drew to a close, all of the doctors ventured off on their own individual adventures. All except for Pete, of course, who lay suffering from a heart attack on his living room floor with no one around but his toddler son. This season, we’ll see Addison’s continued quest for a baby & Pete’s fate will hang in the balance resting squarely on the shoulders of Sam & Cooper.


6pm – Eureka (Space – Oct. 7th)

So, it has been announced that the end of Eureka will follow Season 5 in 2012. For those of us in Canada, we’re still awaiting the premiere of Season 4.5 so it’ll be a little while coming & we can continue to pretend of awhile that it isn’t happening. Perk up, though, there’s another Christmas special coming this year and if the last one was any indication, it should be an instant classic, too! An additional episode was added to next season to help tie up any loose ends but we’ll still be sad to see the end of the residents of Eureka.
Unless, maybe, um, Space decides they want to take it on as part of their original programming? Hint, hint. I wouldn’t be averse to seeing a couple of made for TV movies, either.

7pm – Sanctuary (Space – Oct. 7th)

Another BC made scifi show (all the best are), Sanctuary, follows the exploits of the enigmatic & ageless Helen Magnus magnificently portrayed by Amanda Tapping and her colleagues. They give safety & freedom to all the abnormals of the world while continuing to learn about each new species they encounter. They have been to a hidden city in the centre of the Earth and, as the season closed, learned that its technologically advanced inhabitants are no more due to a time traveling mad man. As hundreds of thousands of abnormals never before seen on Earth ascend from caves scattered throughout the world, it is up to Magnus & her team this season to see that all sides come out safe while trying to figure out what has happened to the city.

8pm – Chuck (NBC) & A Gifted Man (CBS)

In the process of writing these recaps, I notice that the majority of the shows I watch are centered around three main themes: scifi, spies & law enforcement. Another prime example of this but with a funnier slant is Chuck. You can’t help but fall just a little bit in love with Zachary Levi every time you see him. He’s handsome as hell but he’s also quirky & a little awkward or is that just his character. Either way, now that their biggest baddies are gone & have left them their fortune, it will be fun to see how everyone adjusts to Morgan being the new intersect. Damn those sunglasses!

9pm – CSI:NY (CBS), Fringe (FOX) & Grimm (NBC)

While some may prefer the monosyllabic, unfunny puns of Horatio on the Miami version, Mac Taylor on CSI: NY is by far the best of the bunch. At the very least, the man has range. He’s also why this is the only evolution of the original that I still watch. But, hold your horses, at the end of last season, Mac was contemplating leaving the force! Thankfully, I can report that that is not the case. He will return & in light of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the show will pay tribute with flashbacks depicting how his wife was lost. On happier news, Danny passes his sergeants exam & is promoted much to the chagrin of his wife.

I have to say that I love a lot of scifi but if I had to pick an ultimate favourite (after Stargate SG-1, of course) I would have to choose Fringe. It brings into play time travel, alternate universes, weird science & even a little romance. It probably helps that I love Joshua Jackson & have had the lucky opportunity to meet John Noble. Now, how the writers are going to explain the disappearance of Peter Bishop from the face of the Earth &, even more importantly, how he returns will be interesting. All I can really say is that I hope they don’t drag it on too long. I need my weekly dose of Joshua like a drug.

10pm – Blue Bloods (CBS)

When I first saw the previews for Blue Bloods last season, I was a little sceptical. I mean, come on, Magnum PI & a New Kid fighting crime in New York City?! But I can very happily say that both Tom Selleck & Donnie Whalberg pull off their characters perfectly. The entire Reagan family is a sight to behold each week. After finally going to his family for help, the youngest & newest of them to the force, Jamie, was able to take down the fraternity that was responsible for the death of his eldest brother, Joe. This season, the family will face new changes in the form of a new mayor & an inappropriate relationship with the other side of the law.

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