Fall 2011 TV Preview – NBC

What’s a Fall Preview without mentioning NBC, once the number one network, Laura gives her take on what to expect out of peacock network this coming year.

NBC isn’t that big for me. If there wasn’t one new show that I kind of want to take a look at, NBC would just be Chuck all by its lonesome on Friday nights in my schedule. I might even be watching more on the Space channel than on NBC…. but then again, I am a geek. Let me say one thing before we start though: NBC is stingy with the details! There’s barely any information about each show on their site. Are they trying to be mysterious?! Definitely found it frustrating in the process of writing this. Just saying.

We kick off the new shows on Monday with The Playboy Club. I wonder what that show could possibly be about. Do I even have to go the NBC website to research this one? I guess to be fair, I should. Okay, the man & the club are still iconic today. The show looks to pay homage to the status symbolism of the original club that opened in Chicago back in the day. While it was a historic time & place, the fact that it still exists today doesn’t make this particular show all that interesting for me to want to watch.

Lets skip Tuesdays since there’s nothing new there & head straight on over to Wednesdays where NBC is trying to get a foothold on the comedy powerhouse that exists at ABC. They’re first stab at it is Up All Night starring Christina Applegate & Will Arnett. Both hilarious in their own right but haven’t we seen the successful couple turned new parents premise before. Maybe these two comedy giants can put this one out of the park but I don’t think I’ll be tuning in to check. Next up is Free Agents which is (surprise surprise) a comedy based on a UK version that has been successful. Can anyone say “The Office”? Oh wait, this one is set in an office as well but that’s not the focus this time. This time the focus is on two of the individuals in the office & the fact that they’re on the rebound from their recently failed relationships. Hmmm, in my mind I’m picturing a large hook extending into my TV screen & pulling this one off the air. But considering the wild popularity of the other UK knock off, we might be looking at another big one!

Thursdays must be the night for comedy on NBC. To this they are adding  Whitney, a comedy about a couple that are happy being in love & don’t require the commitment of marriage to be happy. Unfortunately, they don’t realize this until after a whole lot of high jinx ensues. After this & rounding out the night with a little drama is Prime Suspect. Hold the phone! Is this yet another show that has been adapted from a British show? Yes, yes it is. Not that there’s anything wrong with British television. I grew up watching the likes of Heartbeat & Coronation Street but I’m just wondering why this American producers and/or writers can’t come up with their own original ideas. In this instance, Maria Bello plays a hard as nails homicide detective. I guess I should watch an episode before I start making comparisons to Cold Case in my head but new crime dramas need to surpass NCIS for a look. I just don’t think this one does.

I’m not sure if the new show on Friday counts as a late fall start or an early midseason start with its October start date but as the “other” fairytale drama this season,  Grimm has already got me more than a little intrigued. It’s definitely the darker side to the fairy tales. They weren’t just stories, they were warnings. A homicide detective begins to witness strange things he just can’t explain until his aunt arrives & tells him his family are descendants of hunters that were charged with keeping the balance between reality & fantasy. It might be a little farfetched but if they do it right, I think it could probably be a good one for the scifi geek & crime drama lover alike. Keep your fingers crossed.
Below is the full schedule for the network including premiere dates & highlighted are the NBC shows included in my schedule this coming season:

8pm – The Sing-Off (Sept 19th)
10pm – The Playboy Club (Sept 19th)

8pm – The Biggest Loser (Sept 20th)
10pm – Parenthood (Sept 13th)

8pm – Up All Night (Sept 14th)
8:30pm – Free Agents (Sept 14th)
9pm – Harry’s Law (Sept 21st)
10pm – Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Sept 21st)

8pm – Community (Sept 22nd)
8:30pm – Parks and Recreation (Sept 22nd)
9pm – The Office (Sept 22nd)
8:30pm – Whitney (Sept 22nd)
10pm – Prime Suspect (Sept 22nd)

8pm – Chuck (Oct 21st)
9pm – Grimm (Oct 21st)

10pm – Dateline NBC (Sept 23rd)

Encore Programming

7pm – Football Night in America (Sept 11th)
8:15pm – NBC Sunday Night Football (Sept 8th)

Their mid-season mix up will only affect their Sunday & Monday night schedules. Though, there are a number of other shows that they have listed as “Upcoming Shows” but since I’m not too sure what that means I haven’t included them in this posting.

8pm – The Voice
10pm – Smash

7pm – Dateline NBC
8pm – The Celebrity Apprentice
10pm – The Firm

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