Happy Father's Day Dad!

P1010657 Today is a day we celebrate our fathers. Be them alive or no longer with us, we celebrate them. I’m one of the lucky ones who still have my father with us and as I get older I appreciate him more and more.

This year has been a difficult year for him. With my mother suffering a stroke back in November, he’s had to take charge and begin to look after her. I’m not saying he has never looked after my mom, he now has to take on her role as well in the family and it hasn’t been easy for him.

He has taught me so much throughout my life. He taught me how to ride a bike, he taught me how to fish (though I haven’t fished in YEARS), he taught me how to build a fire, he taught me how to prune plants and shrubs, he taught me how to make an asado (Argentinian BBQ), he taught so many things that everytime I do them I remember him.

So dad, on this special day, and every other day day, Happy Father’s Day!

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