Planting of the Deck

Deck 2011 4 I have a confession, I’m not a gardener. I don’t even like getting my hands dirty in the dirt and planting. Maybe it’s memories of my childhood having to de-weed the family garden; getting on my hands and knees and removing one weed after another that did it to me. I just hate the work, but I love the results a nice clean garden can give.

This has a been a very slow and cold spring and with all the rain I haven’t had the urge to get out on my deck and get it ready for the season. Even this past long weekend proved to uneventful and left our deck in major need of some cleaning up.

With the nicer weather that came this past weekend it gave the motivation to get up there and begin getting that deck ready. We decided that we would have less planters this year on our deck. Our window boxes weren’t as great as I would like and thus we cut them down to half the amount. Secondly our big pillar pots I wanted to try something different this time around. Something that represented a more contemporary style instead of a mismatch of items.

Deck 2011 9 Deck 2011 3

Now don’t get me wrong, being a non-gardener I don’t know the names of plants and going to places like GardenWorks just makes my head spin with all the possibilities and I used always feel like I wasn’t doing justice to our deck. Yet this time around I think the result of the plants I chose and the scaling back actually has made the deck look much nicer.

I still have some cleaning to do, but I’m sure, weather permitting, we will be enjoying our time on the deck more this year.

2 Replies to “Planting of the Deck”

  1. I think what you’ve done looks good.

    Did you HDR that last photo?

    With us moving in a couple weeks I get to garden. Yup, I do like to play in the dirt and such. Might not be much of a greenthumb but I like dirt nontheless.

    1. Yeah the last photo was HDR’d but using only one photo and edited in Photomatrix. I’m sure I’ll take a better HDR photo once I have the deck fully cleaned and ready for entertaining 🙂

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