Happy Mother's Day Mom

Today we celebrate moms and all the wonderful things they do.

As you all might know, my mother suffered a stroke in November that has left her speechless and pretty much immobile. Granted these are pretty much her choices as she has refused therapy, and I doubt she would recognize that today is Mother’s Day.

All this is bitter sweet as we celebrate the fact that she is still with us, but at the same time she’s not the same person she was. As such I turn to reflecting on the great things about her and what made her such a great mom in my eyes.

My mom loved us all her kids unconditionally. We may have fought with each other from time to time, we might have hated her that slipper when we younger, we might have hated the “rules of the house”, we did, and still do, love her. She was there when we needed her most, during those bad times; the scrapped knees, the nasty colds, the terrible two’s; and during the great times; our birthdays, our graduations, the birth of her grand kids. She truly was wonderful in all she did.

To this mom I’m so grateful to have you as mother. Your love has made me into the man I am.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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