Vancouver 2010 – Olympic Memory

Granville Street is SMOKING One year ago today, the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games came to a close, but what a close it was. With the Canadian team in the gold medal hockey game against the US, everyone’s eyes where on this game. I’m not a big hockey watcher, but when it comes to the Olympics or tournament games, I love watching Canada play. And what a wonderful game they gave us all, right to the final goal.

Living in Yaletown, we were just a couple of blocks from the Live City Yaletown which were broadcasting the big game. When Canada won, you could hear the roar of everyone. The city came alive with the wonders and excitement of the victory.  Russ and I even ventured out and enjoyed the party goers along Granville Street.

IMG_2994 IMG_2981 IMG_3001

What a great end to what was one of the finest moments for me. I was proud to be a Canadian, and I was even more proud of Vancouver for hosting a great event and bringing all Canadians across the country together.

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