Back to the Routine

It’s official, I’m no longer on holidays.

I know it’s sad to some of you out there that I’m no longer in warmer weather, that I’m no longer just taking it easy, and that I’m no longer not thinking about work. Yes I’m now slowly settling back into my routine.

I have to admit I had hoped to have have blogged more when I was away. I have a few more posts that I have to write up and share my experience of the many areas of Buenos Aires as well as including a write up of my day trip to Montevideo Uruguay. Those posts will come in the next week or so. I have some great memories to share about the trip and some new appreciation for where I’m from.

In the interim I have a few other items that I will be blogging about shortly. I have an interesting contest coming up, and I’m late in getting that one off the road as well, but it’s coming. I also am thinking of starting up an editorial style calendar so I can be more consistent on this blog. I’ve been seeing that as a trend this year for bloggers to keep them on track and making it easier to produce content.

My calendar has also started to fill up again this month and I have a few events already scheduled for this week, so hopefully you will see me out there again.

So hopefully you are all happy to see me back, I know Junior sure is and Cyd is coming home later today.

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  1. While I’m sad that you are no longer in warmer climate, I could not be happier for your and Russ’ return. This January was hell without you two and without Minna and Jay. Don’t ever leave me for this long, mmmkay? 🙂

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