The Doctor Complex

Chud Tsankov IllustrationsDuring my recent trip to the doctors, I began to wonder how much I should be telling my doctor above and beyond why I’m there for initially. I mean, should I be telling him about the headache I had the night before, should I be telling him what I ate, should I be telling him about the pimple, when it’s say my finger I’m there for him to take a look at? How do we know if something we felt is actually a symptom or just something normal and unrelated.

As I was talking with my doctor these questions came to my mind. Some doctors are smart enough to ask you some particular questions that get you to state your symptoms. But others will just take down the notes from what you divulge.

How much do your reveal to your doctors right away? Do you wait for him to ask those questions to help guide you?

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  1. I think that doctors are consultants, and the best consultant is the one who asks the best questions and gets to the bottom of your problem in the shortest time.

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