Last Days of Summer 2010

Fall is in the air

As the last day of August comes to an end, and the rain continues to fall in Vancouver, I begin to reflect on the last days of summer.

The leaves are slowly beginning to change with the days becoming shorter and shorter. There really isn’t that much time left to enjoy the sunshine. Normally we would be hoping for warmer weather during the last month of summer, but I think it will be very short this time around.

When I lived out in Toronto, August would always be the warmest of the summer months with the heat and humidity playing a big role. This summer here on the west coast has been fairly pleasant and I’ve enjoyed the weather we’ve had.

We have a road trip planned to visit our good friend Tanya and Barry this coming weekend in Calgary and this might be our only big trip of the summer. We are excited about this trip as it’s always great to get away on this trips while we still can.

Ahhh Rain

As I was walking Junior this afternoon along the seawall, I noticed how quiet the city became during this brief rain storm. It was a nice feeling, but at the same time it was sad as I knew that summer was coming to an end soon.

What do you have planned for the last few days of summer? Are you hoping for warmer weather or glad that it has become cooler out here in the west?

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