Heading to Las Vegas Next Week

I was hoping to take my holidays and head back home for Christmas this year, but alas due to airline regulations (on both Air Canada and WestJet), I couldn’t bring Junior along for the trip (9″ or 8.5″ tall?? – come on) and the Rex Dog Hotel was fully booked during the holidays. As a result we decided to just stay here for Christmas.

IMG_3550 Russ was going to buy my ticket back home to Toronto for Christmas, but since we weren’t going and the month of November was horrible for sunshine, we’ve decided to head down to Las Vegas for a few days next week just to get some sunshine. Yes I understand that the weather in Las Vegas this time of year isn’t “hot” or “warm”, it still will be warmer than here. Yes I understand that this week we are actually getting some sunshine in Vancouver, it will still be nice to get away. I haven’t been away from Vancouver since January of this year when Russ and I headed to Buenos Aires for 2 weeks.

This time around we are not staying in a “fancy” hotel. We are going to stay at Bally’s as it offered the cheapest rates. Yeah I understand it isn’t the greatest hotel on the strip, but let’s face it we are only there to sleep and the rest of the time will be outside exploring what Las Vegas has to offer.

As I’m not a gambler, I’m hoping to get Hoover Dam this time and maybe catch a couple of shows. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know. I’m also hoping to take my photo walk knowledge down to Las Vegas and take some great night time shots.

So Las Vegas, hopefully you will welcome us and treat us well again!

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  1. Cool! Vegas sounds fun – but I can’t believe it’s so hard to travel by plane with your dog. He should just be able to sit on your lap & look out the window & enjoy it like a big car ride.

  2. You’ve got to go to Mon Ami Gabi for lunch – it’s in the Paris – outstanding service, tasty food and a super location to boot! I go there at least twice every time I head to Vegas.

    Have fun!

    1. Thanks All. Some great advice for sure. I was there last year, so I want to try something different, but at the same time I want to relax 🙂

      I’ll keep you all posted.

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