Sad – I'm older than the Internet

Today I found out by reading Mashable and CNN’s tech page that the internet just turned 40 years old today. Yup I’m older than the internet by 8.5 months folks!

40 years ago, a message was sent between two computers and thus began the great world of the world wide web. It’s hard to phantom that I have been apart of the internet generation for that long. I’ve seen the internet blossom to what it is today. I’ve seen computers grow in power, I’ve seen internet speed connections grown, I’ve seen internet content grow where now I couldn’t imagine not having it.

It’s amazing how quickly technology has grown during that time and I can only imagine how much it will grow in the next 40 years.

As Kimli on Twitter told me today, I don’t look a day over world wide web.

Happy Birthday Internet! Welcome to the 40 crowd!

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