Parade Of Lost Souls No More

Yesterday I read an article on the 24 Hour Vancouver website on how the Parade of Lost Souls is canceled for this year. It seems that the BC Government’s recent cuts to the arts was the main reason behind Public Dream Society’s decision to suspend the parade this year.

Parade of the Lost souls is a lively commemoration of the cycle of existence and deceased, and of facing fears in order to live life to its fullest. The performers are the audience, willing spirits who have come together to pay tribute to the departed and to celebrate the brilliance of life. Skeletal Brides, blessed witches, ghastly ghouls, and prancing pixies mingle side by side with everyday people. By the light of the radiant moon, processions of costumed stilt walkers, jugglers, dancers, and musicians lead spectators on an entrancing passageway through the neighborhood. The evening features shrines, fire performance, supernatural beings, and dancing in the street.IMG_3682

Based on the article, the Public Dream Society needs $100,000 to put on the festivities which draws approximately 35,000 people to Commercial Drive just before Halloween. This event has no corporate sponsors and relies only on the government funding.

Would you feel indifferent if this even had a corporate sponsor? Would you be willing to pay a $5 fee to support the event? I have attended this in the past and the business on the drive thrive during the event. Restaurants are always full of gruesome creatures and civilians and street vendors are always out in force. During these economic times it only makes sense that festivals like this get the funding as it helps support local business and builds community. I for one would be willing to pay $5 to attend the event, after all don’t we all pay this for our latte luxury?

I’m hoping the event will still go on so Vancouver can lift their “No Fun” label of the past.

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  1. What a fantastic concept – I can’t believe I’ve never heard about it. What a great opportunity for a movie franchise to come in sponsor it. Perhaps the local businesses could rally behind it?

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