I’m a BarCamp Virgin No More

This past weekend I attend my very first BarCamp in Vancouver at the wonderful Discovery Parks (formerly QLT Inc. building).

IMG_1145 IMG_1138

I’ve always heard great things about BarCamp and they are always sold out very quickly. This year I jumped at the chance to be apart of it, mainly due to my tech friends who have attended in the past. I’m also glad I did quickly as an estimated 300 people were in attendance.IMG_1156

What is BarCamp you might be asking, BarCamp is a “un-conference” where attendees dictate the conference topics and workshops by preparing a short minute or two pitch and then they are placed in a time slot for the day. These can be from programming base languages to something more general as photography or help with a social study to having a round table discussion and help collaborate on an issue.

I myself attended a few sessions from the photo walk and “photo work flow” session later on in the day, as well as a great round table discussion presented by Raul based on his “The economics of free or why I won’t do things for free anymore” post of last week, and a discussion on Fresh Media (an event that will be happening October 24th and I will be participating as part of a panel).

Even though this happened on Saturday, I’m still digesting all the information I received. There are some very talented, smart and knowledgeable people in Vancouver. The organizers truly out did themselves and presented a very professional and enjoyable user generated conference. One of the very best I’ve attended in so long.

It was great to see some of my friends and get to meet some new ones along the way. I can’t wait for the next BarCamp!

You can view more photos on my Flickr Set – BarCamp Vanouver 2009.

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