Going Camping – Goldilocks and the Three Bears Style


In just a few short hours from now Russ, Junior and myself will be heading up to one of our favourite spots to camp near Whistler called CalChek. But this time we won’t be alone. This time we are being joined by Tanya and we are planning on having a fantastic weekend away from the city. With the weather being the way it is, this is a perfect time for a short camping trip.

Tanya says she loves to camp and she will be sure to make some smores for me since I’ve never had them in my life. We won’t be roughing it that much as we will be bringing up some movies as well we can tether with our iPhones and keep our good friends in the city up-to-date with our weekend.

All I know is that we will have a great time relaxing, chatting by the fire pit, drinking some wine as well as making an excursion into Whistler for abit. What else we might do is still up in the air, but it’s ways great to share it with some great friends.

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