Twitter's New Enhanced Email Notifications


Our good friends over on Twitter last night changed the way you and I receive notifications when we have new followers or have a new direct message (DM).

This morning over on Twitter, people didn’t seem to be too pleased with the change. Granted I’m only seeing this coming from the Vancouver tweeps and not really anyone else. I for one actually like the new enhanced notification emails. The HTML emails include the person’s avatar photo, plus show you how many followers, how many they are following and how many tweets they have sent out. I like that everything is there for me to see if I should actually click the new follower and see their stream. I see it often that many will just try to follow as many people as they can and yet have nothing posted on their stream (this of course is a whole other story).

What surprised me was to see who many people are not liking it. We who use social media tools, and strive to get others to use them and taut the benefits, are always quick to jump in and complain when something is changed. We’ve seen this when Facebook changed their layout (I for one like the newer layout as well).

Social Media tools are so new still and they are always evolving and changing. If they don’t evolve, we will venture into something else that does. We should be encouraging change, and change that enhances the experience.

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