Hello Canon Rebel Digital T1i

From as long as I can remember, we’ve always had Canon cameras in our household. My father always swore by them and I began to enjoy photography, I started using the old Canon SLR’s.  My very first purchase of a camera was the Canon Rebel SLR camera. Though I’m not the best photographer, I mainly used the camera to experiment with black and white photography. I remember taking the camera down to New York City in ’95 and remember taking some great photos (yeah I need to scan some of them one day).

Five years ago I purchased the first Canon Rebel Digital SLR camera. This camera was state of the art for back then and is a 6.1 mega-pixels camera. I bought the DSLR instead of the point and shoot, so I could experiment more and have more control over the photo itself. This camera has been with me over 5 years and has always taken great photos for me. I recently began purchasing extra lenses to get a better range.

This past March, Canon announced the Canon Digital Rebel T1i (50D) into the marketplace. Not only does it take photos in 15.1 mega-pixels, but, this is the first of the Rebel line of cameras to include HD video recording.

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my camera for over year now, wanting higher mega-pixels as well possible video.  The only way to do this was to get a point and shoot camera, which I wasn’t willing to downgrade to this. This was the camera I was going to purchase and finally after a couple of months I am now the new proud owner of one.

I’m still experimenting with the camera, and I still have to install the software the camera came with onto my computer. From what I have seen so far of the camera, the picture quality is outstanding (even in low light) and the video capabilities are great (though it doesn’t include auto focus when recording).

I’ll try to play with it more in the coming weeks and write something else then.

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