I Got Sticky and Sweet with Madonna


Last night I, and 50,000 plus in attendance, got sticky and sweet with Madonna on her Vancouver stop of her “Sticky and Sweet Tour” at BC Stadium. From what I’m aware of this is Madonna’s first ever stop here in Vancouver.  I have been fortunate enough to have seen her perform 2 other times in the past; Girlie Show Tour and her Re-Invention Tour.

There is something about seeing Madonna live on stage.  She doesn’t just sit there and not move, no this woman of 50 years, moves around the stage bumping and grinding and making everyone in the packed house stand up and dance along with her. The energy that is given off by everyone in attendance is felt as we all sang along with her and screamed every time Vancouver was mentioned.

Her show is all about the visuals with giant screens moving around the stage, which not only project images, but become apart of stage and share in the emotions they are portraying.  Yes a smaller venue would make it feel more intimate, but the shear visuals themselves don’t allow for the impact of this.

This was the first time I have ever seen a concert at floor level. I’ve usually have had stadium seats during these big shows. I have to admit there are some benefits to being on the stadium side, but the overall feeling of being down on the floors and being that much closer to the act is FAR more enjoyable.

You can see some of my photos I took on my Flickr set. Yes I too was surprised at the amount of cameras that were taking video and photos of her performing. Boy gone are the days of having them quickly go after you if a flash went off.

IMG_0193 IMG_0210 IMG_0229 IMG_0217

There was of course the usual fans who dressed up as Madonna from different times in her life. Some were well done and others should have been brought to the back and shot for what they did.

At any rate this show rates 10 lollipop licks out of 10!!

Song Sets

Intro/Candy Shop
Beat Goes On
Human Nature

Video Interlude – Die Another Day
Into The Groove
She’s Not Me

Music Video Interlude – Rain/Here Comes The Rain Again
Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You
Spanish Lesson
Miles Away
La Isla Bonita/Lela Pala Tute
Doli Doli (Live interlude – Romanian folk song)

You Must Love Me Video Interlude – Get Stupid (About saving the planet)
4 Minutes
Like A Prayer
Ray Of Light
Hung Up

Give It To Me (Finale)

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