Rogers Crushes My iPhone Dreams

Well Rogers you did it! You have crushed my dreams of owning an iPhone.  How does that make you feel? What’s that? You don’t care? Yeah I figured as much.

I have been going back and forth with Rogers this past week trying to attempt to get an iPhone.

First they tell me I’m not able to upgrade until I have been with them for 12 months.  When I question this and let them know that they are treating their “new customers” like dirt, they return with another offer.  What is that offer? Cancel your contract and pay $400 and then get a new three year contract and start like a new customer.  I’m not at that point yet.

My hopes grew when a friend referred me to FIDO’s site and they have “something in the works” for people who don’t qualify for an upgrade and are new customers.

When I questioned Rogers on this, their response:

We are unsure of what FIDO is planning, however, be advised that the terms for obtaining the phone are the same between FIDO and Rogers. We do not have any information about anything planned in the future by FIDO and the IPhone, nor at the present time does Rogers. This product has been available for less than a week now and the terms are still applicable.

What? As a parent company you have *no* idea what is in the works?

I think my frustration is more on the “hush hush” that Rogers has. I think if they just open up and tell people that something is in the works that would be great!

I’m even willing to pay a premium to get the iPhone now, but just not willing to spend $400 and cancel and then renew again.

At this point my dreams have been crushed.  We’ll see how I feel in a few days, weeks or months.

As a new Rogers customer I feel like I’m in prison waiting for my parol hearing to come in 12 months to decide if I qualify for the phone.

I fully regret signing up with Rogers and I should have gone with FIDO long time ago!

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  1. I’ve heard from a source ‘inside’ that there will be a price for existing customers to get it…the rumoured date of that announcement is July 24th. Expect it to be $200-300 above the price for the phone…essentially it’s the no contract price except it comes with a contract. AT&T is offering theirs for $499/$599 (8/16gb) but they will still be locked to AT&T.

    Not sure if even that will be worth it for most people. You’d be better off picking up a 1st gen iPhone and adding the $30/6gb data plan to it. Firmware updates are forthcoming so you’ll eventually have access to the App store. My wife is currently using mine because she’s not eligible until March 09. At least this way she’s got the locked in data plan pricing. Only thing she’s missing is visual voicemail.

  2. @Tanya I know you feel my pain, I was thinking of doing exactly what you did, but my funds just can’t cover that cost…yet.

    @Buzz yeah I’m surprised they don’t want me to pay more right now even if it is a “subsadized” phone

    @Raul Yeah I do, but my niece works for them and I was being “supportive” 🙂

    @John either way I’ll have to pay upfront for the phone and I might as well wait for the the possible “no contract” style pricing. I’ll start saving my money now 🙂

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