Goodbye Toronto…for now


In just a few short hours I’ll be boarding a plane and heading back to Vancouver. I can’t believe that this trip back to visit my family has come to an end. Where has a week gone?

Last night we all went out as a family group to the Mandarin Chinese Buffet restaurant here in Woodbridge. The food was great for a buffet and since Vancouver doesn’t have any left (at least that I am aware). It was nice to be able to relax and enjoy a huge buffet that ranged from all the Chinese food fare, to some sushi (not as good as Vancouver’s), and some North American favourites like pizza and roast beef.

IMG_3238 IMG_3230 IMG_3228 IMG_3242 IMG_3250 IMG_3240

It was great to have the family all together and everyone getting along. The only person that wasn’t there was my eldest nephew Adrian who’s soccer team was playing in Windsor that day. Luckily he will drive both my sister and I to the airport today and I’ll get some time with him.

Overall the trip was relaxing. I really didn’t have an agenda except to relax and hang out with the family. This week allowed me to set up the internet for my parents (let’s hope the keep it up), took 2 of nephews to the see “The Incredible Hulk”, got to spend Father’s Day with my dad, got to go shopping with my mother (even though we bought nothing), hung out at my sister Maria’s pup in Brampton (The Ivy Bridge), got to see my niece’s Amanda’s new home, got to hang out with my sister Gladys at her place and enjoy a nice mate and Spanish pastries, got to connect with some old friends and work colleagues. All in all a great time.

I will miss my family as I head back to Vancouver, but we are planning a new family gathering in Argentina in January. It will be awesome to see that happen!

Once again thank you Mom & Dad, Maria and Danny, Gladys and Carlos, Amanda and Ernie, Justin, Steven, Samantha, and Adrian for being family. I love you all so much!

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