This Week's Events

This week I have a few events that I will be attending. Of course all are dealing with Social Media and it’s implications in the market place. I have to admit I’m having fun attending most of these events as they are usually not very structured and allows for more open dialogue (what social media truely is).

Tonight I’m attending HTCE: Seven Risks of Social Media Marketing hosted by Darren Barefoot (who some in the blogosphere call the godfather of blogs) . The event will take place at the YWCA on Beatty Street and should be a well attended event. I’ve learned alot from Darren and I hope to learn more in the future.

Tomorrow I will be attending the IABC – Social Media Strategic Interest Group at the Yaletown Brewery starting at 5:45pm. You can go over to IABC’s Event page and see more information on this event and upcoming events.

Granted I’m going there in work capacity, but I hope to run into some of the usual people and meet some new ones.

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  1. I’m thinking about attending the Third Tuesday events. I heard about it from my brother and it sounded interesting. I’m currently working in the marketing/communications field, think it’d be beneficial to attend? I’ve never been to a networking meeting/seminar before (well once, hosted by Life Science).

  2. You should attend Third Tuesday. I’m glad I started going, great people and a great mixture of geeks and marketers. The pool knowledge is great.

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