Camping 2007

This past weekend Russ, Junior and I packed up the camping gear in Tabitha and headed up the coast to Cal-Chek Camping ground located about 10 minutes south of Whistler.  Granted Russ took off their early during Friday to make sure a site was grabbed.  Somehow he managed to set the tent up and drove all the way back to the city to pick up Junior and myself.

I haven’t been camping in decades and this was really one of the first times I’ve actually camped in a tent.

Junior of course loved being able to run free without a lease and the care takers didn’t mind that he wasn’t on one.  Actually all dogs that were there were off lease and it was nice to see.  Junior of course never ventured far away and was always within eye distance of the campsite.

It was fun to just go out and relax for a weekend.  The only major worries I had was how to keep those damn mosquitoes away from me.  Citronella candles and Deep Woods Off did the trick for the most part.  I’ve manage to only have 12 bites through the whole weekend.

You can find some photos on my Flickr page, though granted they were shot via my cell phone camera.

We’ll definitely head back up there again in the future.  You can’t beat $10/night/car.

My suggestion for next time is to be sure we are warm enough during the night.  Boy it gets cold up there and the blankets were not enough.  Even Junior suffered from the cold and I think I’ll be taking him to the Vet today to have the sneezing and the drippy nose looked at.

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