To Blackberry or not to Blackberry

It seems lately our office is on the Blackberry [link] bandwagon. Everyone seems to be getting one version of the Blackberry or another and I’m starting to wonder if I’m falling behind.

Now I currently don’t like the selection of Blackberry Telus offers and I find them very clunky and not very stylish. After all I’m all about the style. And not to mention the cost of the data plans here in Canada are ridiculous.

Now recently Apple has announced the new iPhone which is scheduled to hit the stores south of the border beginning in June. We still don’t have any confirmation as to when Apple will be issuing it in Canada. People have speculated that Rogers will have to carry the device as the iPhone will be GMS [wiki] enabled allowing for the rich features.

Of course in my opinion Rogers has the best selection of Blackberry’s out there. And I’m not just saying this because my niece is the Manager of Accessories for Rogers, but just stating the obvious.

Now my dilemma is should I just wait it out for the iPhone to hit the market here in Canada before I make my switch from Telus to Rogers (or which ever carrier it goes to), or should I just bite the bullet after my contract is up with Telus and move over to Rogers for a Blackberry? I’m not saying I’m not happy with my service at Telus, far from it, but when you want to have cool phones you have to go where they are.

Well some choices for sure.

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  1. Just remember, they’re called crackberries for a reason – highly addictive!

    As a long long long time user (what like… 4 years now?) I will say this… unless you get enormous quantities of email, much of which needs to be responded to immediately, it’s probably not worth getting a bberry and you should wait until the iphone comes out (which will be seriously cool).

    Government uses bberries because of the volume of email through the system, combined with the urgent nature of what we do (well some of us anyway) and maybe most importantly, the amount of time we spend travelling. If you’re mostly in an office, and if you get anything less than about 300 email a day, you’ll probably regret not waiting for the iphone.

    I just think the iphones are going to be way cooler, and I’d wait for that reason. Hell I want an iphone!!!

    Last thing, really try out the bberry models if you do decide to get one. I know lots of people who hate the little ones because the keyboards are tiny or they’re like phone keypads (ie, not a full keyboard). Just make sure your fingers are comfy.

    My two cents, you can toss back the change. 🙂

  2. Yeah you are right. I probably will wait. The main reason I’m looking at one is for the Calendar functionality. Currently I can’t sync my phone to my computer and I end up having to enter things manually into the phone, which is annoying to say the least.

    The iPhone will definately improve on this. I’m just scared of the “data plans”

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