DVD Beef!

So I’ve been noticing for sometime now that when movies are released on DVD they are released in 2 different formats. One just contains the movie alone and another version has the movie plus an extra DVD full of little extras (known as the Deluxe Version). Now I remember a few years back when the “deluxe” version was the only version that would be released. Is the way that the movie studios are gaining extra cash? Especially with the difference in the cost of the 2 versions. I myself prefer to buy the deluxe versions, but if the price keeps staying this high, I might have to revert back to just the movie version by itself.

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  1. It is indeed getting ridiculous, and is becoming more and more clearly just a big scam … I usually buy the deluxe editions, too, but I’ve been paying more attention lately to make sure the extras make it worth the extra moolah

  2. yeah, me too. I’m not too fussy about it but if I really liked the movie, then I usually go for the deluxe/special editions too. They are fairly steep, though.

    My rule for movie buying is if I think I’ll rent it more than 3 times then I pick up a copy because $15 for movie rentals versus $15 or $20 something to buy it is just dumb.

  3. Hey… HEY!

    You got mentioned by Chip on the ROTR blog on CBS! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!

    I’m reading along and… there you were!!!!!!! How cool is that? You rule!

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