Paris – Day 5

Ok I just can’t help myself, I’m going picture crazy here in Paris. I’m so glad Russ has brought his laptop with him without it I don’t know what I would do with all the pictures. I think in the past 5 days I have taken over 200 photos. UGH! But hey you have to take alot to get the best ones 🙂

Today was a better day heat wise. Definately a hot day, but bareable.

We went to the Musem D’Orsey. This museum is housed in an old train station and has been redone to be able to house all the fantastic work. Now there is work from Monet, Van Gaugh and an exhibit of Rodin, just to name a few. You get to appreciate the work much more seeing it up close and personal. There are times you just want to actually touch the work, but that isn’t allowed. There are signs through out the museum warning you of this as well as warnings about leaving your bags behind – “any unattended bags will cause the museum to be evacuated” OUCH!

After 3 hours at the Musem D’Orsey, we walked along the street and made our way to the Latin Quarter. Now this is full of fantastic Art shops which line the many streets. We just wondered around, at one point lost, but that was half the fun. We entered a back alley, which turned out to be full of little stores and cafes. One which we sat out and enjoyed a glass of Pepsi, Beer, Crepe and salad, all for an amazing price of 29 Euros! Ahhh the French! But it was fun and enjoyable and we don’t regret it at all.

We slowly ventured our way back to the condo, but managed to stop along the Notre Dame Cathedral and took pictures of one side we didn’t take pictures of yet (I know, unbelievable!!!). We stopped by a tacky shop where I bought some postcards, and then ventured back home to do some laundry (2 loads for 10 Euro, including drying..EEK)

All in all a fun day, more relaxed.

We started planning our other ventures outside the city in the next few days, so keep posted to some new and interesting points of view!

EDIT – What’s hot in fashion here, BIG and I mean BIG belt buckles, can be with reinstones or not, silver or not, just BIG and chunky. Also I was surprised to see more Parisians drinking rose wine, not Zinfindel as in North America.

3 Replies to “Paris – Day 5”

  1. Hey Uncle Gus!!!
    Got your email. Your pics are amazing, you should really consider revisiting your career and become a photographer. Oh by the way, that gnocchi plate, very yummmy. Just try to bring some home with you when you stop off in T.O.

  2. Hey Uncle Gus 🙂

    Got your email. Nice pics!! You should really revisit your career and become a photographer or a writer, oh what the heck why not both! Ya that picture of the smoked salmon and gnocchi, all I can say is yummy 🙂 Just remember to bring some back when you stop off in T.O.

    Anyhow, enjoy and have a blast.

    PS. My mom told me you had mentioned that it cost you $10 Euros to do two loads of laundry. I’ll tell you what – I’ll quit my job and do it for $8 Euros. Geesh at the rate that they charge, I can make more than any Doctor.

    Bye for now…

  3. Yeah for a load of laundry it cost 3.50 Euros and to try it was 0.5 Euros, but we had to keep feeding the dryer cuz it only went for about 3 minutes!!!

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