Weird Mood

Have you ever woken up and felt great?

Well that is how I felt today. I was feeling great, good start to the day, brisk walk to work while listening to some tunes on the iPod. Even when I got to work I felt great after dealing with an issue from a client (nothing serious as they LOVE ME).

Then something happened. I don’t know why or what could have caused this, but I started to feel BLAH. I even went for a walk after lunch on this gorgeous day to see if my mood would change. Slowly it is, but still overal feeling BLAH.

Maybe when I leave work it will all be better 🙂

Hmm a good workout and the fireworks tonight should help the mood. If not I’ll have to start trying to find those “happy pills” my sister keeps talking about.

4 Replies to “Weird Mood”

  1. LOL!

    sounds like fun Gus.
    maybe you could pass some over my way… hehe.

    so i hope the fireworks cheered you up.
    they were pretty kool last night.
    they had a lot of crackly ones.



  2. Alas I was in bed at 10pm. All I remember was the first “BOOM” and then my cell phone ringing in the morning.

    I’ll be missing the ones on Saturday night too.

  3. But, you’re missing them for a good cause, volunteer boy. Where are you going to be for the parade? Maybe I’ll meet up with you.

  4. I did the volunteer work already last night. It was funny pretending to be a doorman 🙂 I guess I have that look that everyone gets scared when they see me at the door in a club. 🙂

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