Just Another Manic … Tuesday

Boy it’s always fun to be off work, especially during a long weekend. But boy when you come back to work there is always double the amount of work to do. Now I don’t know if it is because of the day off on Monday, or just because generally we are busy this time of year. Today has been a VERY busy day. A lot of following up on clients, getting things resolved, dealing with some phone calls, proofing releases from our OPS team, and of course those dreaded REPORTS! Sometimes I wonder if anyone really makes any sense of those reports, or if it is just a way for Management to give us some work to do. Hmmm.

Though now things have slowed down for me (granted I probably just cursed myself on it) and I hope to make it home and get back on that elliptical trainer downstairs in our gym. Relieve some of the stress of the work day!

EDIT: Yup I cursed myself! 🙁

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